Chehel Pehel: A Play To Bring Back Amol Palekar And Farooq Shaikh With The Flavor Of 1980s to Nagpur!

For all those wanting too see the good old golden days back again!

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India in 1980s was characterised by big size ambassador cars, legendary Rajdoot bikes, vintage record players, fleecy bell bottoms, towering superstar Amitabh Bacchhan, classic Charminar, Khadi jackets with half-inch mandarin collar, oversized big frames and overly oiled hair: they are all a mere cloud of reminiscence in the enormous, lively experience of this play Chehel Pehel being organized by The Stagecraft Theatre, Nagpur.

The play, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Do About Nothing is a blend of comedy, romance and chaos in the household of a Punjabi family of Delhi in 1980s. This play, being a tribute to William Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary, brings back to life the magical realm and timeless love of Shakespeare to the 1980s in Delhi, India. Shakespeare’s depiction of love, chaos of confusion, intermix of drama, colorful gimmick and portray of the characters, all blend into a smooth piece of refreshing and entertaining portrait of love and life: Chehel Pehel.

Bringing back the ageless 1980s to 2016, the play brings back the era of the past that doesn’t really feel like the past. The undulating fashion and love affair that are so very essential for us to know and at the same time a part of the past we mustn’t forget that has evolved and developed to what and who we are today and speaks volumes of how we have come here.

Directed by Vikash Khurana, this play’s plot centers around the story of two couples:

Bulbul & Bansi:

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The love story of Blulbul & Bansi is as sweet and bitter as the love story of Ramprasad Sharma (also Lakshman Prasad Sharma), played by Amol Palekar and Urmila, played by Bindya Goswami in the movie Gol Maal, 1979. The cherishing and fanatical love affair of Ram Prasand and Urmila and the cold and deploring relation between Lakshman Prasand and Urmila together make up for the love affair that Bulbul and Bansi endeavor.

Will the sweetness win over the bitter love?

Kamal & Harini:

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The love story of Kamal and Harini in the play resembles the love story of Siddharth, played by Farooq Shaikh and Neha, played by Deepti Naval in the movie Chashme Buddoor, 1981. Farooq plays an introverted and essentially good natured fellow, while Deepti plays a decent, happy-go-lucky girl. Their chemistry hits the right strings and bring them together in the peculiar 80s fashion; until their love affair takes an inevitable setback with chaotic misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Will Kamal and Harini make it together till the end?


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Jagdish, a cousin, is more of a trouble maker to the family. He contrives malicious plot to part Kamal and Harini, with a higher motive behind this stab. He helps Bansi’s big brother to set the ball rolling with the confusion and chaos, building up the tempest of enthralling drama towards the end. Much like Deven Verma, a friend of Ram Prasand in the movie Gol Maal, 1979; who helps Ram Prasad directly or indirectly to set forth a mischievous lie.

Will Jagdish be successful with his wicked plan?

Full of surprises and drama, this play will not leave a stone unturned to enthrall you, thrill you and make your stomach ache with humor, language and gimmick!

So book your tickets now!

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