5 Chain Of Restaurants That Are Coming To Nagpur According To Our Gossip Birdie!

Tell us in the comment section which one are you counting days for!

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If you think Miss Malini is the only one in business to have her little gossip birdies giving her inside scoops, then we might just prove you wrong. We at Reacho 'reached' (pun intended) out to our flock of birds and asked them to chirp us some hush-hush news about the food scenes in Nagpur. And much to our surprise, we found out that not one but a good number of 5 chain of restaurants have chosen Nagpur as there next destination for their expansion! Damn straight.

Attracted by the growing size of millennials and the middle class bracket, many big brands of restaurants are now looking at Nagpur seriously. The last 2 years saw chains such as Keventers, London Bubble Co. Belgian Waffle, Kailash Parbat, etc. making its way here. Following the footsteps are some more brands (which we will reveal in the following list) that are looking forward to tap into the potential market of the city. So let's take a look and make a note of which are the restaurants that will padharo mhaare des!

Here's the list of 5 restaurants - *drumrolls*

1) McDonald's

Okay, who are we kidding if we said we aren't so much looking forward for this one! We have been achingly waiting for McD since years now. After being teased endlessly for not having an outlet in the city, (Even Vir Das couldn’t help but make a joke out of it!) we totally deserve this particular chain of restaurant. We are sure the opening day of McD would look something like a mini Kumbh Mela! But right now, the thought of their crispiest French fries and a towering Maharaja Mac has got us slurping already! And yes, a McSwirl to end the meal with!

Location: Trillium Mall – Rambagh Layout, Unthkhana.

2) Agent Jacks Bar

 Source: dineout

Imagine walking into an upscale bar and getting to negotiate prices of your drink? Yup, that’s what Agent jack’s Bar is all about. One has to select any drink of their choice and quote their offer price on the app. The app’s bot or Agent Jack as we all shall know him, will reply with counter-offers. If you’re good with your skills, you might end up getting a drink of Rs. 200 for mere Rs. 80. Nope, not joking! Btw, even though a bot, Agent Jack’s replies are of the slapstick humor genre! So bring your A-game when you walk in! Oh btw, do try their Locho naan and Kheema pav while you sip your dranks!

Location: Trillium Mall – Rambagh Layout, Unthkhana

3) B Bhagat Tarachand

 Source: bhagattarachand

Thalis are synonymous with the B Bhagat Tarachand chain of restaurants. Started years ago at Mumbai’s tiny Zaveri Bazaar, the restaurant today is world-famous for its homely meal of a well-round thali. Many may wonder what is so fancy about the thalis. Well, nothing. And that is USP of this place. A no-frills thali which serves 3 special roti, veg sabzi, paneer sabzi, dal fry, rice/pulao, papad, chhaas and sweet is as basic as it can get. But it’s the taste that does all the talking and gets the tongues drooling. And hey, if you can’t thali, you can always go grab their Aloo parantha and Lassi combo which the Zaveri Bazaar traders swear by!

Location: Still a secret. Sigh!

4) The Yellow Chilli

 Source: mapmyindia

This one is chain of restaurants that was started by legendary master chef and Padma Shri awardee Sanjeev Kapoor in the year 2001. From watching him cook on Zee TV to having his handpicked recipes dished out to you on your table, Kapoor has sure come a long way. With more than 50 outlets spread across India and abroad, it is now time that Nagpur get their share of this restaurant which brings together eccentricity, authenticity and diversity. Well, we don’t know about you but we sure are going to hog onto their ulte tawe ki galouti, tawa chaap and mutton biryani when the restro opens its doors!

Location: Trillium Mall – Rambagh Layout, Unthkhana

5) The Bar Stock Exchange

 Source: instagram

When Edward Calahan invented the stock market ticker, he definitely did not think it would be used in the waterholes someday. Come to TBSE a.k.a The Bar Stock Exchange and you will be met with LED tickers that display the minute-to-minute prices of the alcohol available in the house! As a commerce student I can assure that stock trading has never gotten any more interesting! So keep your trading tricks up your sleeve and make the most at this bar! P.S.: We recommend you to keep a bowl of chilli garlic peanuts and Nachos at hand as your chakhna.

Tentative location: Dharampeth

Looks like we will be sorted with our dine out and drink options for a while if these restaurants actually make an entry in our Santra city! What say, y'all?

Title image source: khabarsamay, picgra

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