Here Are A Few Chai Places In Nagpur You Can Visit This International Tea Day

Why not celebrate the tea culture in Nagpur with some of the most iconic and unique tea places in the city.

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Happiness on a chilly winter morning/evening is a steaming cup (or mug, or mason jar) of chai and just like us, Nagpurkars too have a love affair with tea. 

We know Nagpur now has quite a few fancy cafes that serve all sorts of coffee, hot cocoa and freakshakes, but no one can deny that chai ka kaam toh sirf chai hi karta hai!

You must be wondering why suddenly we are talking about chai. Well, for all of you who aren’t aware, today is International Tea Day. Major tea-producing nations of the world observe 15th December as International Tea Day.

So, we thought, why not celebrate the tea culture in Nagpur with some of the most iconic and unique tea places in the city.

Irani Chai, The BAWA

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This strong decoction of tea and water, when added to rich and creamy mawa infused milk, is sheer brilliance and the BAWA folks have the knack to get their Irani chai, right, every single time!

Dilip Tea Stall, Ram Nagar

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This little tapri in Ram Nagar has been serving garma garam chai for the past 25 years and believe it or not, 1000-1200 cups of chai are served every day at the Dilip Tea Stall.

Tapri The Chai Books Cafe

Image result for tapri chai book cafe menu Image source: tapri

Every tea lover has a type. We know your local chai ki tapri might not acknowledge your tea type, Tapri The Chai Books Cafe will. With over 16 different types of teas to choose from, this place will satisfy all your tea cravings.

Raju Tea Stall, Traffic Park

Image result for tapri chai Image source: hungryforever

This paani kam doodh jyada chai at Raju Tea Stall in Dharampeth has been a favourite among Nagpurkars for the past 30 years.

Bubble Tea, Chai Pani Etc

Image result for bubble tea chai pani etc nagpur Image source: pictame

Bored of your regular cutting chai? Head straight to Chai Pani Etc for bubble tea. This flavoured milk tea with tapioca bubbles is something you must try if you are a tea lover.

Baba Chaiwala, Mominpura

Related image Image source: indiasutra

Baba Chaiwala in Mominpura has been serving tea to Nagpurkrs for the past 50 years. Regulars say that the taste of chai there has been the same for as long as they can remember!

Assam Tea, Cafe Coffee Day

CCD - Assam Tea Image source: cafecoffeeday

Made from the finest tea leaves of Assam, the Assam tea at CCD will give you the quintessential taste of Assamese tea gardens.  

So, where are you heading, today?

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