Discounts Galore: Centeral India’s Biggest Digital Expo CompEx-25’ To Conclude Today

CompEx-25’ has succeeded in delivering yet another impactful fanfare to the IT savvy people of Central India

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Centeral India’s biggest digital expo CompEx-25’ is finally going to conclude today. This was the silver jubilee year of the most happening digital expo in India. CompEx-25 is undoubtedly the largest, best and most grand Comp-Ex from many aspects. Today is the last day of CompEx and it is offering one last chance opportunity to IT enthusiasts to visit and shop for IT products and services in the field of Computer, Mobile phones and Surveillance systems.

CompEx-25’ has succeeded in delivering yet another impactful fanfare to the IT savvy people of Central India. The response has been simply overwhelming. With huge and sprawling domes housing highest ever number of participants from the IT sector, people of Nagpur were treated to a basket of the latest in the IT sphere.

Well known names and brands have participated this year the corporate participants at CompEx-25’ in the Consumer Electronics segment like Samsung, the world leader in display technologies, unveils its Mirror display. This product enabled clients to provide an interactive environment for their customers, which was b a big attraction at VCMDWA exhibition.

This has been possible because of Intel’s RealSense technology. Plan to develop it as ‘virtual fitting room’ is made possible by the Intel Technology’s 3D cameras and an automated library of stored perceptions. Customers can use the high tech mirror to see how jewelry, clothes or shoes look on them before actually trying them to see if they actually fit them.

Dell showroom, owned by Mr. Dinesh Gupta, has been a part of CompEx since its inception 25 years ago. Looking exclusive in the pavilion, Dell has brought with itself a range of new products which has been a selling point in the exhibition.

The gaming hi-tech and smart looking laptop ‘Alienware’ had won many hearts amongst youngsters. The material used to make this is lighter then plastic but stronger then metal. This laptop can be continuously used for 3 days and has 8GB graphic, optional 4K display, option for thunderbolt plug, graphic booster and can have 20000 types of light invented for gaming.

Another attraction with them is the world’s smallest model of laptop having screen size of 13.3 cm. It is made of single screen of aluminum and has a touch screen. Named as XPS (Xtreme Performance System), the product is fast selling.

HTC mobile phones have on display a wide array of models, their HTC Desire 10 Pro is becoming a rage amongst the visitors. With 20 MP main and 13 MP selfie high resolution back and front cameras, elegant high contrast design and ultra fast fingerprint sensor, this phone having 64 GB internal storage space has become a star attraction.

While people thronged to many stalls for their specific interest or need based products and services, the common interest pavilion has been that of Nagpur Metro. The speed at which the work of Nagpur Metro has progress in the past year or so, every Nagpurian now knows about Metro is a soon to happen reality in Nagpur. Needless then to mention, the curiosity to know about its stages of completion, the routes of Metro, the look of the stations, etc. has been drawing huge crowds to the Nagpur Metro pavilion.

Aadhaar Card – For people already having their Aadhaar Cards, now can get the same in the Smart Card version too at CompEx. Aaple Sarkar is all about innovations and being citizen friendly. True to its nature, the pavilion gives the visitors the much needed insight about their various schemes like RTS (Right to Serve, RTR (Right to Redressal) and RTI (Right to Information) 

On the entertainment factor for youngsters, the Gaming Zone has been a super hit with the youth and kids alike. With attractive seventh and eighth generation console and PC games, the youngsters are assured to get full value for their money.

Rajesh Saboo, President VCMDWA has appealed to people from all walks of life not to miss the opportunity and spare a little time to visit CompEx as it happens to be the last day of CompEx-25 and take advantage to pick up products of their interest, especially under the offers that the companies have for the CompEx visitors.

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