CCTV Footage Shows A Person Setting Two-Wheelers On Fire At GMCH Nagpur

Two mopeds belonging to two third-year students of the Government Medical College were severely damaged.

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A CCTV camera, during wee hours of Friday between 2:50 am and 3:00 am, captured a man setting two vehicles on fire belonging to two girls of hostel number 2 at Government Medical College and Hospital in Nagpur. 

According to the reports, two mopeds belonging to two third-year students of the Government Medical College were severely damaged while the other three vehicles parked in close proximity were somehow saved as the girls came running to extinguish the flames.

This is not the first time such an incident has happened in GMCH. In June last year, a similar case was reported when an unidentified person had set eight two-wheelers on fire at the same parking slot of hostel number 2.

Although CCTV cameras were installed, following last year’s incident, the report states that there was no proper arrangement for the night guard at the hostel. Male guards are posted in three different shifts who usually lock themselves up in the night. More so, during the latest incident, the male guard who was on duty remained asleep in his room when the offender poured an inflammable liquid on the vehicles before setting them on fire.


Mopeds set on fire in grls hostel twice, outsiders teasing grls! still no action! Some1 do sumthing! Govt. Plz help! #Security@GMC_Nagpur.

Posted by Nikita Kamble on Thursday, 13 April 2017


“One of the female medico from ground floor was the first to sense foul smell of something on fire. The students felt that it could be a short-circuit from cooler but later realised that the vehicles engulfed as another inmate from second floor raised the alarm,” said an eyewitness, reports The Times of India.

Police claimed that the offender may be one of the male student residing from at the same premises. GMCH officials are also concerned that the offender may be a student from their hospital.

A message from Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) is making rounds on some social media groups where the association requested the media to play down the incident as it could spoil the career of a second-year student who is suffering from psychiatric illness.

However, the cops from Ajni police station have no intentions to spare the culprit. “Whoever has done it would go behind bars as we have already registered offence against him,” said a senior cop. “Today he has set vehicles on fire but there could be bigger damage from him which needs to be stopped.”

After retreating from the site as one of the vehicles started burning, the CCTV footage shows that the offender returned in order to set ablaze more vehicles. Nevertheless, out of the five vehicles, he tried to burn, the culprit managed to damage only two.

Some of the female students from the college took the situation under control before it could lead to more damage, as they fought the scorching flames with the fire extinguisher available on the premises. Even most of the fire extinguishers were defunct. The lone male guard is said to have stood helplessly throughout the entire situation.

This latest incident, second within a span of less than a year, has cast a shadow on the security of the GMCH premises.

Information source: timesofindia

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