5 Cafés In Nagpur That Serve The Most Heavenly Freakshakes!

With winters withdrawing and summers knocking at our door, freakshakes are just the kind of thirst-quenchers we need.

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Seasons may come, seasons may go.

Boyfriends/girlfriends may come, boyfriends/girlfriends may go.

All good, bad, happy, sad times too will come and go.

But what stays is the love for food. Period.

(Almost) human beings like myself have food on their minds all the time. No don’t say we can’t possibly think about food all the bloody time. Yes, we can. In the shower, or during a crisis-call office meeting, or even at those times when we’re being showered by immense love by our Significant Other(SO), we’d probably be thinking of what food to eat to make it a perfect evening! We’re those who hope there’d be food at anyone’s house we’d go to.

Now even though my tribe can eat anything and everything, we’ve all got a soft corner for the desserts. Desserts of all shapes and size have got our hearts. But if I told you that once upon a time, they took your usual beverage (read: milkshake), twisted it into a dessert and added a lot of drama (read: choco chips, choco sticks, kitkat, oreo, gems, nougat, whipped cream, caramel, pretzels, wafer biscuits and all possible sugar treats). You know what will we get? A freakshake! Yass.

This dessert-beverage needs no introduction and the pictures talk so much for themselves already! Being the good Samaritan that I am, I shall lust out, oh no, I mean list out 5 cafés in Nagpur that serve the best freakshakes ever!

Ready to be corrupted y’all?

1) Just Desserts

This good ol’ café is so old but when it comes to keeping up with its menu, it's not so old! JD’s as we fondly call it are pioneers in bringing the freakshake to Nagpur. Do y’all also think they deserve a high-five as tall as their freakshake? Then head over and show some love!

Must try – Cookie Dough Freakshake.

2) Roast

Now we all know that the meat delicacies here are to-die-for! I mean, chicken doughnut and all. Where would you get these! But you know what goes brilliantly with these food tidbits? A good, wholesome freakshake! You’d fall in love with ‘em at the first sight. Trust me!

Must try – Oreo Freakshake.

3) House of Caffeine

We’d spoken about how awesome-sauce this place it for its freakshakes and else wise too! And guess what, we still maintain the same opinion even almost a year later. We’ve stuffed our faced with their scrumptious food and downed a couple of their freakshakes and not regretted an ounce about bloating up! That’s how sinfully good it gets.

Must try – Death by chocolate freakshake.

4) Café Eight

A newly opened café on Hingna Road will surely seduce you if you see how pretty their interiors are! But but, what is a café without any finger-licking food or a good beverage (read: freakshake!) Order a bowl of nachos and invariably choose the kitkat freakshake to compliment it. You will be in transported to heaven momentarily!

Must try – Told ya, already! 


#Repost @trendin_nagpur (@get_repost) ・・・ Kit Kat freak shake Price- Rs 148/- . At cafe eight near Shreya hospitality and services, Higna road . Taste- ????????????✨ . It's a newly opened cafe near higna road. It is an awesome place to chill for students as well as working people. It has nice soothing ambience and a gaming table where you can play video game and more! The taste was simply amazing, most of the things were chef-made at the cafe itself and tasted way better. We would definitely recommend to go this place. @cafe_eight_8 . Tag your friends if you want this place to be your next hangout spot! . #foodporn #yum #instafood #yummy #amazing #instagood #photooftheday #sweet #dinner #lunch #breakfast #fresh #tasty #foodie #delish #delicious #eating #ramadan #nagpur #hungry #foodgasm #hot #foods #trendinnagpur #tasty #nagpurfoodies #nagpurcity #freakshakes #kitkat

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5) Mocha

We can stop loving our SOs but we can never stop loving Mocha. The multi-city café chain is one of Nagpur’s favorite. With a menu so innovative and elaborate, who wouldn’t want to visit this haunt over and over again! And dearies, while you are here, do me a favour and have a freakshake, will you? The beauty dessert-beverage will make you go weak in knees, I tell ya!

Must try – Fudge brownie freakshake.

P.S: The list is compiled on the basis of writer's opinion. If you wish to add to the list, drop in a comment.

Title image source: tripadvisor

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