Dress Up Nagpur! Win The Style Game At Your Freshers' Party Without Breaking The Bank

How to look like a million dollars without actually spending that much.

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So college is about to begin, and if you are a student from Nagpur, chances are that your college has a uniform. Yawn, we know.

But you always have the Fresher’s Party to unleash your inner style icon. But can you look like a million bucks without spending as much?

Allow us to help you!


1. Formal-inspired casualwear

Button-down shirts and rolled/cropped trousers really set you apart from the crowd. Look for well-fitting dark coloured shirts and ivory or tan coloured trousers. Team it up with a funky pair of sneakers and you’re good to go!

Our pick: This deep blue shirt and beige trousers.

2. Longline t-shirts

Source: midday

Want to really stand out in the check-shirt wearing crowd? Long-line T-shirts are the in thing.

Also, we don’t need to convince you to wear something that is Virat Kohli-approved, do we?

Our pick: This Wolverine fan tee.

3. Deep-parted hair and trimmed beards

Source: bollylife

The undercut is everywhere, even if you don’t want it. Try the deep side part with your well-groomed beard. Well-groomed is the key here!

 4. Colours!

Source: mensxp

Ranveer doesn’t shy away from colours, and neither should you. Ditch your greys, blues and blacks and go for magentas, greens and gentle shades of yellow.

Our pick: This bright Dragonball Z number.

5. Quirky watches

Source: kraftly

Watches are a great way to make a bold, yet stylish statement.

Our pick: This funky ape watch.


1. Summer dresses

Source: idiva

We cannot thank Alia enough for bringing back dresses big time. Summer dresses in Indian tribal prints are big at present, and incredibly comfortable in the Nagpur heat. Plus, they look good on every body type. Pair it up with cute sandals and a chunky bracelet and you have your #OutfitOfTheDay!
Our pick: This breezy yet striking dress, paired with danglers.

2. Flowy tops and cropped/ripped jeans

Source: popxo

Anushka Sharma is the uncrowned Queen of Casual. We love her casual style which is very practical for the sweltering heat of our city too. Throw on a loose top over classic blue jeans, and go crazy with the shoes, sandals or jewellery.
Our pick: This plain white top, coupled with a statement necklace.

3. Experimenting with your hair

Source: pinterest

One super creative (and super cheap) way to step up your style game is to experiment with your hair. There are a great variety of twists, buns and braids you can try based on your length of hair and the outfit you plan to wear.

4. Flats, pumps, ballet shoes

Source: rediff

Heels are very impractical when you actually intend to have fun at a party. Ditch the heels and go for flats or ballet shoes which do not threaten to give your feet a slow, painful death.

Our pick: These versatile sandals or this colourful pair.

5. Statement jewellery

Source: brunettediaries

Kareena knows that less is more. Often, you only need a well-picked dress and a piece of statement jewellery to create a stunning look, without too much effort.

Our pick: This necklace that goes with everything, or this awesome ear cuff, which (also) goes with everything!

This style advice is brought to you by Cadence Academy- Nagpur's fastest growing fashion and interior design institute that offers a range of courses to suit your needs, along with industry exposure and placement support.

To know more, go to www.cadenceacademy.in, or visit the Cadence Academy at 2nd Floor, Haakim Arcade Rear Wing, Coffee House Square, W.H.C. Road, Dharampeth, Nagpur. You can also give them a call on 092090 43999.

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