BrahMos Spy Case: How Nishant Aggarwal Became An 'Easy Target'

Nishant Aggarwal was arrested by a joint team of the Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorism Squads.

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Nishant Aggarwal, the engineer working with BrahMos Missile Research Centre, Nagpur, was accused for his association with Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI).

Nishant who has been arrested for spying and sending confidential information to ISI was an “easy target” by his “casual” approach on the internet, a police officer said.

The accused was sent to a three-day transit custody of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) by the district court. 

According to the information, he was lured with $30,000/month IT job in Canada.

Nishant used to chat with Canada-based ‘Sejal Kapoor’ on Facebook. Later, she even asked him to talk to her senior as well and send a ‘link’.

As soon as he clicked on the linga malware that was installed in his computer, the malware stole substantial data from Nishant’s computer.

He also admitted that he was regularly in touch with ‘Neha Sharma’ in his interrogation. His chat remained restricted to only a few times with ‘Neha’, whose link has been traced to Pakistan. It is said that the accounts were in fact run by ISI operatives based in Islamabad. 

However, sources have been claiming that Nishant was “clueless” about how much sensitive data had been stolen from his computer. 
He also came up with some names from DRDO officials and his former Hyderabad based senior as the ones with whom he had shared information. 

Following his confession, ATS has also questioned the other DRDO officials.

Information Source: TOI

Title Image: mynation, facebook

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