“Problem Tigress” In Brahmapuri, 120 Km From Nagpur: Bori GP Opposes Release

The tigress, who killed two persons and injured five villagers was caught on July 10 and kept in an enclosure at Gorewada Rescue Centre.

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Brahmapuri sub-adult tigress T27-C1 is all set to 'soft' release in Bor Tiger Reserve. The Bori (Kokate) Gram Panchayat passed a resolution opposing her entry into Bor on Monday.

Source: Hindustan

A group of 20 locals opposing the decision had approached the Bor Reserve office on Saturday. The residents and farm labourers from Garamsur, Salai (Pevat), Hingni and Amgaon surrounding Bor, were mobilised to protest against the move owing to delay in the release of the problem tigress.

Source: TOI

The tigress was captured on July 10 after she killed two persons and injured five villagers and ran deeper into the forest. The tigress was seized and has been kept in an enclosure at Gorewada Rescue Centre for last 15 days. 

However, on July 14, the state level committee had given a clean cheat to release the tigress and also suggested to free her in eight days in an administratively suitable area.

Source: India

According to the wildlife experts possibly the decision to soft release the tigress has been taken with a point to see that the animal assimilates with the area before release. Any attempts to delay release will weaken its chances of being a fit candidate as the tigress is two-year-old and can hunt on its own.

Source: Wiki

However, the soft release will take over a month - only the installation of channel fencing will take at least 20 days or even more. The whole project cost will exceed Rs 3 lakh.


Information Source: TOI

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