'Black Love', A Short Film By Nagpur Guy; Teaser Out On YouTube

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Filmmakers are many, but very few of them can beat the competition and take out something relevant to make a film about. Here we have found a guy from Nagpur, who has showcased his talent in this field and made a short film named ‘Black Love’.

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This Short film implies how a Gold Digger fishes the mercenary & willing to him just because of his wealth & Aesthetics. Every time she lies to him. knowing all the truth he trusts her. After frustrating about her lies mercenary ask her about the truth, but she keep on saying the lies. he finally refuse the girl for marriage & ask to leave. The teenage gold digger can't sustain the rejection & insult. She decides to kill him. After getting multiple hammering shots on head, mercenary becomes unconscious in coma. In his unconscious state he dreams about killing her with the head-shot. After one month he wakes up from coma. His only friend was there for him, who took care of him though day and night for 1 month. After losing his past memory he starts his new life & the gold digger is free to dig.

Good to see such new talents making large strides in film making.

Title image: Youtube

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News Entertainment Food Travel World Events Nagpur Pune Reacho

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