10 Memories That Define You As A Student Of Bhavan's, Civil Lines, Nagpur

It is a matter of special pride to belong to this school in Nagpur.

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If only there was a time turner!

We read in our books very early that school is our second home. Well, years later, we know it indeed was.

The pride and excitement of being a Bhavanite is still a lot. Time has just gone by. Everything else remains the same.

While talking about school can be endless…here are some things that will definitely make you relive your days at school :

1.The roaring sounds of "Vishram! Saavdhan!" during every assembly.

Well of course, the grounds echoed with the sound of the drums every morning. Even if you didn’t have your assembly, it never felt as if you were not on the ground. Boys who played the drums…you were sort of heroes!

2. The excitement for the AV period.

Damn! Just once a week?

The excitement was the same even though you had watched all the episodes of Tom 'n' Jerry before; watching them in school was a different kind of cool!

3. You treated the half - hour lunch break planning 'inter-group'/ 'inter-section' football matches....with plastic bottles!

And came back to class all wet and sweaty…EVERYDAY!

4. You always secretly wanted to (some of you may even have) ring the bell on the 4th floor.

That ring outside the tea room? Each one of us has touched it..wanting to ring sometime…some did…some just couldn’t gather enough courage!

5. The Formal Farewell was one of the most memorable evenings of your life.

The huge AF map of India with all the gleaming diyas. It all brings back just so many emotions and so many memories!

6. Always secretly wishing that we had a canteen.

That is one point we didn’t have any argument for!

7. The Haldiram’s sweet boxes that you got on Independence Day and Republic Day.

The patent Motichoor Laddu, a little more than a couple of potato chips and a samosa/kachori.

8. Our very own Cultural Week!

The ‘zero periods’ for practice for a month…Invocations, Folk Dances, Dramas, Comedy Acts…and the awards in the end!

9. Always defending your school against comparisons…

Be it Modern School, CPS, or even Bhavans’ own branches - we were the best!

10. You relive all the memories in a matter of seconds whenever you look at that magnificent building.

Obviously, those were easily the best days of all our lives…that sadly, won’t come back.

What are your favourite memories as a student of Bhavan's Bhagwandas Purohit Vidya Mandir? Share with us in the Comments!

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