Beyond Futala And The CCD’s:Offbeat Late Night Date Ideas In Nagpur

In order to save yourself from police mama or Gabbarsingh like parents,We at Reacho bring you Best late night romantic places in Nagpur.

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When you enter the keywords “late night date nagpur” in the Google search bar, it returns news about executions in the Nagpur Central Jail. Our city may not boast of sea-facing promenades and all-night pubs, but it lets you be creative. Now that the ever-romantic rains have made their entry, we have put together a guide to some offbeat late night date ideas for you and your SO in Nagpur:

1. Let the foodie in you bond with a street food crawl

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We Nagpurians swear by our street food, don’t we? Bring out the desi in you and your date by hopping to popular street food joints which are open for night owls. Start with the Pohawala at Shankar Nagar square (of course), then go to Ramdaspeth for a steaming cup of tea and bread omelette, and end your midnight raid at Mominpura where a number of eateries offer yummy Mughlai fare. Because nothing bonds better than the shared love for food!

2. Take a long drive on the highway

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Wardha road in the West and Chhindwara road towards North are by far the best highways to go on a long drive. Stop somewhere secluded on the way and let the beautiful surroundings do the work for you. The smoothest of roads, lush greenery on either side, the roaring wind and the quiet of the night- what could be more romantic?

3. Gaze at the stars (and at each other) by the Ambazari Lake

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This is a rather adventurous choice by Nagpur standards. While those with even a shred of self-respect have stopped frequenting the Ambazari garden nowadays, the expansive lake by the moonlight is still one of the best sights the city has to offer. If you can brave the risk of running into cops late at night, put together a snack, find a nice spot on the bank and enjoy the serene moon reflected on the rippling lake. Makes the perfect backdrop for some stargazing and a long talk into the night!

4. Go for a late night movie

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There are plenty of movies which have late night shows. These shows don’t see a lot of footfalls and so are ideal for a cozy movie date.

5. Take a walk along the Shukravari Lake

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This spot is rather frequented by night owls and can make for a nice spot for a stroll. Added bonus: Quite a few food joints which are open till late at night, and if you stay long enough, the sunrise over the lake is simply marvellous!


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6. Lose yourself in the tree-lined avenues of Civil Lines

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Civil Lines has the widest streets, the cleanest sidewalks and light from the streetlamps filtering through the branches of numerous trees. Secluded? Check. Beautiful? Check. Immensely romantic? Double check.

7. Get a little competitive at a pool joint

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Underworld at Law College Square, Magic at Bajaj Nagar, Engage on North Ambazari road and Perfect near Durga Mandir, Pratap Nagar stay open till the wee hours and are the best places for a late night game with your date.

8. Unwind in the calming ambience of a late-night restro

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Nothing like drinks and music at an upscale lounge for a date after a stressful week. Le Meridien, Hotel Tuli Imperial and Radisson Blu have lounges where you can unwind, dance and have a fun night out with your date till the sun comes up!

We know you are sick of the noisy cafes and blatant stares no matter where in the city you go. Try our unconventional date suggestions, and share with us your own ideas in the Comments below!

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