Nagpur's 10 Best Fine Dine Restaurants To Ring In The NYE Peacefully!

The ritzy affair of dining at a swanky place, coupled with some good spirits is indeed a plush way of ringing in the new year.

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While New Year’s Eve is pretty much about letting your hair down and partying like no tomorrow, there still exists a chunk of us who’d prefer a quiet wine and dine experience over the former.

Earlier, not partying or attending one of those just-another DJ bash was frowned upon. It so wasn’t “happening”. But with changing times and the rise in the number of people who’ve adulated way too much, quiet, peaceful dinner times with the folks and pals seem to be a preferred option.

Adding to the experience is the vibe of the ambience and an elaborate bar menu to be guzzled down with the delectable food. We at Reacho have listed out the 10 best places that will give you the best of wine and fine dine feels! Check out, will you?

Here goes the list!

1) The Zuree Urban Kitchen

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Situated in Mohan Nagar, this fine dine restaurant gives you a plush feel thanks to its really well-done interiors. The best part, you can finish your meal with the confectioneries of their in-house bakery.

2) Moksh The Restro Lounge

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By far, one helluva place when it comes to serving alcohol. Sit back and enjoy a peg of Glenfiddich which gorging onto their delicious food! That’s my kinda new year, I say!

3) Ashoka Restaurant

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This oldie has been here for long for me to write anything new about it. And we all know, old is gold, right? Head over then!

4) TDS Restro Lounge

 Source: 10ds

Originally opened as ’10 Downing Street’, the multi-city chain rolled back its franchise some time ago. But worry not dearies, the new owners have managed to keep the vibe, food and almost everything about the place (including the name) intact. As fans of TDS and its food, what more do we want!

5) Zinea Restrobar

 Source: chitnaviscentre

Started as a café, Zinea has now opened a restrobar next to the café. With an elaborate food and bar menu, this place is sure to give you a gala time along with some peaceful moments!

6) The Dining Table

 Source: tripadvisor

This recently opened space has gone on to become a favorite amongst many of us already. A quiet, chic, no-frills ambience along with delectable food is the USP of this place. And that’s every reason why this place can be the best option to ring in the NYE peacefully. 

7) Hibiscus

 Source: tripadvisor

A wonderful place to gorge onto continental food and sip some crisp white wine! Oh, what a way ring in the NYE!

8) Zinq

 Source: tripadvisor

Lamb chops in brandy, wood-fired pizza, lasagna verde, siciliana risotto and what not! These gem of dishes make Zinq an all-time-favorite of many Nagpurkars! Have a swig of that wine to appetize the good food!

9) East India Company

 Source: facebook

A somber place brilliantly done up with antiques can be riveting to anyone who walks in. What compliments this beautiful place is the fusion menu and spirits to along.

10) AU 79 – Hotel Ganga Kashi

 Source: tripadvisor

Want to call in 2017 king style? Head here. The place who’s cutlery is gold plated is sure to give royal feel! Break the bread or other mouth-watering dishes at this fancy place teaming with alcohol. Enough reasons already?

Spoilt for choice, aren't y'all? So am I!

P.S.: The listed is compiled as per the author's opinion.

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