Nagpur's 14 Best Bakeries Where You Can Gorge On The Delicious Christmas Plum Cake!

The wafting aroma of a freshly baked plum cake is sure to make even an atheist believe in God!

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Come Christmas and we see the festive fervor pickup with colors like red and green! However, adding a dash of brown is the humble plum cake that makes way not only to the table of sweet treats but also to our hearts.

Candied orange, figs, dates, some ginger peel and a hoard of dry fruits are mixed with a hint of spice powder and soaked in wine and other spirits, to prep up for this Christmas delicacy. But the variations go right from using homemade wines for soaking to using some honey to cut in the spices and keep the sweetness intact. However, the crucial ingredient still remains the happiness of the makers who hand-mix the mixture, squishing and squashing the nuts and fruits.

The gestation period of soaking is probably the difficult part of baking a plum. The anticipation is sure to teach the art of being patient to the ones deprived of this virtue. And finally, when the baked plum is out of the oven, freshly baked, the wafting aroma is sure to make even an atheist believe in God!

Such is the goodness of a plum cake!

Tempted, aren’t y’all?

What are we waiting for then? Let’s make way to some iconic bakeries and bakers of our town to sink our teeth into this flavor-ball of a Christmas treat!

1) Jubilee Bakery – Mohan Nagar, Chhaoni and Dhantoli.

 Source: justdial

Okay, so this one is a numero-uno of many in the city! If you haven’t yet been here, what are you even doing in Nagpur?! Also, do bag in some ginger biscuits and walnut tarts when here!

2) Jumbo’s Ambica Bakery – Mohan Nagar.

Just as you enter the lane in Mohan Nagar, this bakery to the right will welcome you aromas of freshly baked biscuits. The bakery which is one of the oldest, indeed has one of the best plum cakes.

3) Saroj Bakery – Opposite SFS High School, Residency Road, Sadar.

Not much needs to be said about this one. Every time I visit this bakery, I’m as wide-eyed as I was on my first visit. So, this one’s a must-have! Do try their out-of-the-world jam tarts too.

4) Anand Bakery - Main road, Sitabuldi.

 Source: steffisrecipe

When in Sitabuldi, you cannot do without stopping by at this bakery. From kharis to the finest plum cakes, this bakery has it all. Of the best quality, at that!

5) Ajit Bakery – Multiple locations.

New stores of Ajit Bakery springing in the city, is a sign that we’ve come a long way in loving the confectioneries that Ajit has served the Nagpurkars. So, this Christmas head over to their new stores in your vicinity and try their plum cakes.

6) Tauby’s – Multiple locations.

Okay, we’ve loved their rum balls, éclairs, and even their gelato! But trust me, you’ve GOTTO try their plum cakes. It’s simply mind-blowing.

7) Shabana Bakery - Chindwada Road, Opposite Poonam Chamber, Chhaoni, Byramji Town.

Many swear by this bakery for their biscuits, confectioneries and freshly baked cakes. You can only imagine the goodness of their plum cakes. I mean what even!

8) D Reds (Earlier Red’s) - Block no. D, Lotus Plaza, Opposite VCA Stadium, Civil Lines.

 Source: justdial

The store may have relocated but the taste of their mouth-watering-kinda cakes is still the same. So, this oldie is indeed a goldie!

9) Cakes and Cookies - 62, East High Court Road, New Ramdaspeth.

The place that serves a mean black forest cake also whips up a delicious plum cake batter during this festive season. So, what say, let’s indulge in?

10) Delicious Devils by Shweta Chadha

For a new home baker in town, Shweta can be seen posting pictures of her delicious Christmas treat on city's foodies' group. It is no biggie for her to whip up anything from plum cake to cheesecakes to macaroons in a jiffy. So, if you're the one who wants that homely feel for Christmas cakes this year, you know where to go. For orders, contact her on - 9765390664.

11) Icing on the cake – Sadar, Pratap Nagar and near Traffic Park.

Source: Anju Kitchen

This one is an all-time favorite. I could go on a spree of buying their cakes, croissants, French hearts and savories just like I was left alone in a Zara sale! So, a highly recommended place for getting plum cakes! Oh, and some beautiful marble cake, too!

12) Radisson Blu - 7, Wardha Rd, Panchadip Nagar, Samarth Nagar East.

I’m going to let a snippet of their cake-mixing event video do the talking. The mixing was done a month ago and the cake is now selling like hot cakes. Quite literally!

13) Tingling Tastebuds – Home Baker, Contact no. - 83082 28200

The owner of TT has earned a sobriquet of the ‘Cake Queen’ and her customers can’t stop gushing about the scrumptious cakes and the warmth she extends to each one of them. Now isn’t it a good enough reason for y’all to gorge on some of that delectable plum cakes?

14) Cakes By Jasmine - Mecosabagh Christian Colony.

Source: Pinterest

Another home-baker whose batch of cakes can be described as nothing less than ‘yummy’! So if you’re in for some custom-made plum cake, find yourself calling on this number!

Phew! A long list that. But didn’t someone say, the more the merrier?!

Title image source: Justdial, My Recipes

PS: The list has been compiled on the basis of author’s own experience. In case of any names being missed, feel free to recommend by commenting. Merry Christmas!

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