Away From The Chaos, Here Are 10 Peaceful Places In Nagpur

Peace and serenity becomes necessary need for every working person after a long time of daily chaos. We bring you the list of peaceful places in Nagpur.

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Nagpur, the third largest city of Maharashtra has much more to offer than just oranges and sweltering summers. The most important, and most underrated thing is peace and tranquility. The second greenest city in India has some of the most peaceful and beautiful places that one should visit at least once to enjoy some me-time in the company of Nature.

1. Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Kamptee Road

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Situated on Kamptee road, this holy place of the Sikhs  will surely help you to rediscover your inner peace and is open for everyone. This magnificent marble structure was built under the leadership of Nirmal Tejsingh Ji, who was a railway engineer and the work started in the Punjabi Line area of Nagpur. The Gurudwara has a ‘Khula Bhandara’ (open for all meals) every Sunday where 2,000- 3,000 people are served food free of cost irrespective of their religion or social standing.

2. Zilpi Lake, near Hingna

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Popularly known as Zilpi Talav, Zilpi Dam was constructed as a part of irrigation projects and had no proper spillway as such, but the water body makes a good picnic spot. Zilpi also has an old age home established near the western shore named ‘Maitriban’. The best part is that since it is somewhat far from the city, you will find very less people there. If you are planning to go for a long drive and a picnic, Zilpi is the best place for you.

3. Seminary Hills

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One of the prime attractions of Nagpur is Seminary Hills. If you are a nature lover and revel in greenery around you then you will surely head to this destination at leisure. The place got its name from a seminary, and lies at a distance of only 6 kms towards the west of Nagpur city. It offers a quiet wooded area on a hillock which has a gentle incline,and hence is not difficult to climb. The hill will provide you a beautiful view of Nagpur, giving you hope of existence of a clean and green environment.

4. Dragon Palace, Kamptee

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One of the finest examples of superb architecture and scenic landscape, Dragon Palace Temple is a Buddhist temple and popular attraction in town. The Temple is 20 kms away from the city centre and is considered a symbol of Indo-Japan friendship. Madam Noriko Ogawa from Ogawa Society, Japan contributed for the construction of this beautiful structure. Also known as “Lotus Temple of Nagpur” the temple is surrounded by verdant lawns, skillfully landscaped gardens and symbolizes peace, clarity and divinity. The hymns chanted by the monks to the accompaniment of gongs every evening render the place as well as your mind at peace.

5. Waki Woods, Saoner Road

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Situated near Waki Dargah, 30 kms away from Nagpur on Saoner road, this place is considered to be very suitable for hiking. Many hikers flock to this area to enjoy the weather. There are resorts too, which offers activities like bird watching, boating, archery, riding etc. With beautiful lakes, wildlife, bird sanctuaries and picnic spots the place has everything that make it a perfect place for you to visit with your friends and family.

6. Ganpati Temple, Adasa

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Adasa, a small village about 45 kms from Nagpur is famous for the ancient temple complex situated on a hillock close by. The site includes the popular Ganesh temple that attracts numerous devotees from around Vidarbha. The temple is considered 3,000 years old and is on a whopping ten hectares of land. The main temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha is made of stone. The hilltop will let you enjoy the scenic beauty and landscape comprising of vast green fields and distant hills in the presence of the Lord and his blessings.

7. Bor Dam, Bori Village

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Situated in the village Bori in Wardha, the dam houses a reserve forest and a beautiful garden in its premises. The dam is huge and one can enjoy the water and the peace it creates. The dam is away from the city and so very few people can be seen here.

8. Lord Ayyappa Temple, Wadi

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The temple has its own charm and is somewhat different from other temples in this part of the country. Built in authentic Kerala style, the temple houses the lord Ayyappa who is seen as you enter the temple. The temple is huge and in the evening it is illuminated only by earthen lamps and moonlight. The beautiful lights and the silence that is observed in the temple provides a very serene experience.

9. Lourd Mata Mandir Grotto, Seminary Hills


Situated opposite Walkers’ Street near Seminary Hills, the grotto is a wonderful place to visit. If you are planning to take your girlfriend somewhere then this place is a must-visit for you. There’s a small walk before the grotto comes and the place is surrounded by trees. A statue of Mother Mary is also there and every year on 11 and 12 February there is a celebration in her honour. The grotto also has a pond and is peaceful in spite of being placed in the very centre of the city.

10. Gorewada Lake, Ring Road

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The lake is huge and surrounded by thick green forests. It is going to offer India’s first night life safari and sanctuary. Going early morning will definitely refresh you and you can spot lots of wildlife like migratory birds and animals. The lake is known for its beautiful scenery and is free of any chaos unlike other lakes in the heart of the city.

Have we missed any spots? Let us know in the comments below!

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