Move Over Astrology, Learn Graphology To Examine Human Personalities!

The calligraphic strokes in your handwriting and signature can reveal a lot about your personality.

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Gone are the days when a person examined your janam kundali and identified your character. With the recent advancement in technology, the times have surely changed. And so are the ways to examine someone’s personality. You might be shocked that even your handwriting or a simple signature can tell reveal a lot about your behaviour and overall personality. And it has a name too!

Graphology is the skill of analysing handwriting to recognise and assess someone’s character. Graphology uses scientific technique to arrive at conclusions which are based on common sense and mental interpretations.

The calligraphic strokes in someone’s handwriting can give you a brief idea of his thinking pattern and that can be useful in guessing his overall personality.

Now that we have a scientific term for this method, we also have people who are qualified enough to judge anyone on the basis of their handwriting and signature and it’s called graphologists.

They are the specialists who will study your handwriting and can tell the manners, state of mind, emotions, creativity, likes and dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, doubts and potential, on the basis of that matter. And the majority of times, it is on point.

If you apply graphology in your personal life, it can even change your destiny. And we’re not exaggerating!

Not only business relations, but family relations can also be managed with the use of graphology. For someone who is looking for a partner, graphology can help in checking the compatibility. On the other hand, for a parent, it can be also used to resolve child related issues.

All in all, graphology knows and reveals it all!

If we talk about graphology as a profession, there are so many options that are wide open. Be it the corporate offices, where people of higher positions take help of graphologists in order to hire employees. Also, police, courts and forensic departments and their requirements have increased the demand of graphologists in the country. Schools, on the other hand, hire graphologists in order to tackle difficult students. And in future, the demand of a qualified Graphologist will definitely increase.

In order to encourage Nagpurkars to take up graphology as a profession, Mr Vinit Bansode, a renowned graphologist from Mumbai, who has analysed over 50,000 signature samples and trained over 3500 people is coming to the city with a 4 days workshop. The workshop will be held on 29th, 30th of July (Saturday & Sunday), 6th & 13th of August (Sundays) and this is for the first time that something like this is being held in the city.

The timings of the workshop will be from 9 am to 6 pm and it will also include breakfast, lunch and high tea.

For further details & booking, please contact Mr. Snehal Chimote on +91 9860252783!

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