Sorry, Not Sorry: Amitabh Bachchan Left In Happy Tears After Nagpur's Pohewala Gives Him Extra Tomato!

Currently filming Nagraj Manjule's 'Jhund' in Nagpur, Big B had demanded a plate of tarri poha with “tarri kam, chana jhyada”.

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The news might have already been ripe that legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan is in Nagpur for the shooting 'Jhund', his upcoming film directed by Nagraj Manjule.

Manjule’s ‘Jhund’ will see Big B essaying the role of Vijay Barse, who founded an ‘NGO Slum Soccer’ and on whom the movie is based on.

Big B will be shooting for the film on the streets of Nagpur for the next 45 days.

Hence in order to drive away the lethargy of work, Big B had requested the makers to take him to a famous poha joint.

He was spotted at a famous poha joint early this morning, which was highly recommended by a local food blogger. 

During his brief conversation with the pohewala, Bachchan even inquired about the vendor's poha business and as to how he managed to serve delicious poha on a daily basis.

To which the pohewala replied, “Parampara, Pratishtha, Anushasan. Ye is pohewale ke teen stambh hai. Ye wo aadarsh hain jinse hum aapke liye behtarin tarri poha banaate hain.

Big B then bought a plate of tarri poha demanding “bhai tarri kam, chana jhyada”.

What made the ‘angry young man’ shed a tear, was the presence of two tamatar on his plate of poha.

The pohewala said, “Amitabh ji, kayde se to ek plate me ek tamatar banta, par sadi ke mahanayak k liye humne do diye hai.”

A teary-eyed Big B replied, “Itni khushi to hume Abhishek k hone par bhi nai hui thi.

After that, Big B was seen savouring his tarri poha. Director Nagraj Manjule also accompanied him to the poha joint.

Commenting on the fans and frenzy that are rushing on the sets of 'Jhund', he said, “We can understand the eagerness of fans to get a glimpse of their favorite actor. But, he needs some space to be able to work. Let him work, so that the movie doesn’t turn out to be another Thugs of Hindostan.”

P.S. This article is a part of a series called 'Sorry, Not Sorry', which is about fake news reports containing satire on everything that's Nagpur. Each and everything, published under this series is a work of fiction. Our intentions are not to hurt anyone’s sentiments or spread rumors or bring disrepute to anyone (person, organization or an idea) living or dead. If at all it appears so, it’s either completely unintentional or thoroughly misinterpreted by someone.  

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