A Video By Nagpurians That Shows How We Can Celebrate Independence Day in 'Indian' Style

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A team of enthusiastic film makers from Nagpur has made a video which for this year's Independence Day. The mesmerising voice in the video is of Mr. Abhishek Jhawar, an upcoming vocalist from Nagpur, who has done various courses at Mr. A.R. Rahman's institute, K M College of Music. Arvind Upadhye, a renowned flute artist and few volunteers of Renovatio also play key roles in this music video.

The video talks about regaining the Indian Values that we have lost somewhere and gives an open challenge to its viewers to 'Celebrate Indianism' by following those values and principles which set us, Indians, apart from the rest part of the world. 

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News Entertainment Food Travel World Events Nagpur Pune Reacho

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