9 Things Every Nagpurian Experiences During The Winter Assembly

AKA the fortnight when everybody pretends that Nagpur is an important city.

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It is that time of the year again. Yes, that time which gives Nagpurians both horrible headaches and acceptable excuses, the Winter vacation Session of the state Vidhan Sabha. We’re halfway through this annual circus, and here are some things that happen every December when Nagpur suddenly becomes super-important:

1. The city is cleaned up so well that you can do this:

2. Soon there are so many traffic detours that you just surrender yourself:

3. When politicians claim that some serious issues will be addressed this time…

4. ...mainly in huge-ass billboards with their pretty faces on it.

5. When you’re late for work and there is yet another morcha on the way…

6. ...but your boss gets off your case because for once, traffic jam is a valid excuse!

7. Visiting netas and their love for oranges.

8. Reaching home after like 25 hours and 6,39,854 diversions of traffic:

9. And when the winter session is finally over, the entire city goes...

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