9 Nights 9 Restaurants: Late Night Food Joints In Nagpur To Beat Your Post-Garba Hunger!

Your answer to those late-night munchies after a tiring Garba session. For all nine nights of Navratri.

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Navratri = Dandiya Raas = Late Nights = Hunger.

As fun as Garba nights are, they also leave you hungry, and in our city, at a loss for decent options to eat out late at night. But fret not, your authority on everything about Nagpur lists for you some food joints where all party animals can head after a demanding Dandiya session, have a sumptuous meal and not get shooed away by sleepy managers!

1. Mainland China

Source: burrp

Where: Vivekanand Nagar, Wardha Road

What: Authentic Chinese cuisine for those who want to sit down for a decent meal.

2. Kathi Crossing

Source: fbm

Where: Futala lake,Vayusena Nagar, and four other locations.

What: Yummy Kathi rolls with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings.

3. Paratha Shop

Source: plus

Where: Residency Road, Sadar

What: A wide variety of delicious paranthas for the veg-only crowd, as well as other Punjabi staples like Rajma-Chawal, Makke ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag. Non-vegetarians won’t regret this choice either.

4. Ten Downing Street

Source: tripadvisor

Where: Milestone Building, Ramdaspeth

What: Indian and continental food served in the charming ambience of a British-style pub. And if religious/cultural restrictions are not an issue, the bar also works!

5. Mughals

Source: ngpresto

Where: Opposite Achraj Towers, Sadar

What: Mughlai fare for the “pure non-vegetarians”, as well as regular North-Indian and Chinese cuisines for observant friends in your group.

6. The Bukhara

Source: yelp

Where: Jhansi Rani Chowk, Sitabuldi

What: Gourmet Asian cuisine, primarily Thai and Chinese, for those bored of the usual desi Chinese everywhere!

7. New Amar Prem

Source: brownfox

Where: Jhansi Rani Chowk, Sitabuldi

What: Fresh South Indian snacks, ice cream and coffee until the small hours, no-frills and pocket-friendly.

8. Hotel Amir

Source: zomato

Where: Bhavsar Square, Gandhibagh, Central Avenue

What: Another dedicated restaurant for vegetarians, it has a fair range of North Indian, Chinese, South Indian and fast food offerings which are the ideal solution for your midnight cravings. They have also started a special 'Navratri Thali' for just Rs. 235 making it one of the best places to quench your hunger pangs.

9. Anand Bhandar

Source: pinterest

Where: Abhyankar Road, Sitabuldi

What: Mainly known for its desserts, Anand Bhandar also offers North Indian fare from your regular samosas to full-fledged roti-and-rice meals, perfect for a quick stopover late at night.

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