8 Must Have Foods In Nagpur

We all have been foodies or been with foodies once in a lifetime and we have all tried these foods and licked them as well as loved them.

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We all have been foodies or been with foodies once in a lifetime and we have all tried these foods and licked them as well as loved them. So here we provide you with the list of some mandatory foods that you must have at least once in your lifetime. Check out this list to know what all you are missing out!

1. Tarri-Poha

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We have all had it at least once and we all have loved it. The uniqueness of this poha is its juicy spices meddling with the freshly chopped onions and tomatoes making it spoon-licking delicious. The saoji feeling and the typical Nagpurian taste it gives you, is priceless. One of the best places where we can have this is near KP Ground, in the early morning hours.

2. Ghugre’s wada-Pav

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Ghugre’s Vada Pav is Nagpur’s well known snack since years now! The hot Vada consisting of mashed masala potatoes inside the Pav is the perfect combination! The red spicy chutney along with the tamarind one adds up to its taste. When eaten with fried green chilies makes you forget all your worries of the world!

3. Chole Kulchhe from Haldiram’s

A perfect family restaurant that will serve your tongue and won’t empty your pockets: Haldiram provides with the healthy & tasty food! The spicy succulent Chole attended with the soft, fluffy Kulchhe buttered up with masalas, can make you drool with its first bite & can make you drool with the second too!

4. Chaatcone from Chaatcone Waala

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Itwari’s famous Chaatcone from Chaatcone Waala has its own delight. The crunchy cone filled with alluring mouthwatering fillings makes it spicy & sweet at the same time. The sweet cherry nudging your tongue when the spicy masalas arouse your taste buds, that’s when you know why it is such a famous snack!

5. Thupka: a traditional dish for your delight

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A flavoursome blend of spices & veggies adding to the taste of savoring Thupka from Gurung Momos will entangle you with its palatable ingredients. The garnishing with noodles to accompany its flavours adds up to the dish. Its ginger touch & hotness will serve for your soothing winter need in the late evening!

6. Samosa from Preeti Corner

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The uplifting samosa stuffed with boiled masala potato with a crunchy and crispy jacket is much tastier when served hot! They make it more delicious when the mashed samosas are served with tamarind chutney, other sauces and freshly chopped onion all mixed to get the unforgettable taste of the snack. It is one of the most famous chaat places in Nagpur!

7. Rolls from the kathi crossing!

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The best place for roll-maniacs in Nagpur: Kathi Rolls! They have an extended menu of rolls to choose from. Cottage cheese cooked in different styles and rolled into a delicious & juicy kathi roll. From exotic veg rolls to outlandish non-veg rolls, you can get it all under the tip of your fingers!

8. Drums of heaven to remind you of heaven!

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Spicy & red-hot drums of heaven from Barbecue, right in your neighborhood; when served hot, will turn loose your taste-buds. The perfect combination of chicken lollipops when served with garlic sauce has the capability to turn any vegetarian into a chicken lover! An anytime dish to attend your desires.

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