8 Low Budget Restaurants In Nagpur For A Date With Your Partner!

Nagpur is poured with surplus number of restaurants having varied range of charges. Following is the list of restaurants that are pocket friendly :-

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Go on a date with your partner under 200 bucks in Nagpur!

Going out on a date has always been expensive endeavor including all the taxes and when it comes to going out with someone you love, it tempts you to empty your pockets. So read with us and we will tell you these inexpensive restaurants for a pocket friendly and yummy-tummy date with your lover!

1. Haldiram’s at Dharampeth, Wardhaman Nagar, Vivekanand Nagar, Sadar, Pratap Nagar

Not too spicy and not too sweet, Haldiram’s menu has a varied range of dishes to choose from. From North Indian to South Indian to the tasty Chinese, you can get anything under your fingertips! With the special and inexpensive combos, they offer you a real deal of flavorsome treat!

2. Indian coffee house at Sadar

The patent South Indian touch in Dosas and the delightful finger foods to decide from, it is the best place to have filter coffee in Nagpur. It gives in the feel of ‘Old is gold’ notion and will make you have an unforgettable date with your partner without draining your wallet!

3. Krishnum’s at Sadar, Nandanvan

Over the years of the restaurant’s tenure, the Authentic south Indian taste and north Indian taste hasn’t changed. The two-a-penny mind-blogging dishes will complement the perfect zaika of the bond!

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4. Fuel station at Dharampeth, Vayusena Nagar

With the beautiful ambience and reasonable prices, Fuel station has to offer delectable variety of cuisines. Dim lights and background music will add up to a perfect romantic date with your beloved!

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5. Veeraswami at Sadar

VeeraSwami is the best place for south Indian lovers! The hot piping Sambhar engrossing the south Indian delicacies are enough to add spice to your relation & vitalize you and your partner for the rest of the day.

6. Madras Kitchen at Ramdaspeth

Madras Kitchen is one of the oldest South Indian joints in Nagpur, it offers a fine quality of South Indian cuisine mastering at the Sambar and the Chutney. It has a menu which also offers North Indian and Chinese cuisines to order from with a cost next to nothing! Try this eatery for a dainty & salivating experience!

7. The Kathi Crossing at Sadar, Pratap Nagar, Bajaj Nagar, Vayusena Nagar, Vivekanand Nagar

With an extended menu, from exotic veg rolls to outlandish non-veg rolls: Kathi Crossing offers a wide variety to choose from! Cottage cheese cooked in different styles and rolled into a delicious & juicy, kathi roll will give you an under the budget and satisfying stomach treat!

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8. Checkers at VCA, Sadar

Famous for its Noodles and Cold Coffee, Checkers is known for the mouthwatering flavors combined with a remarkable quantity to satiate your & your loved one’s hunger for the entire day. Try this joint for an affordable pretty date!

So have you decided a restaurant for a pocket-friendly date yet?

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