Almost 68000 Candidates Apply For The 206 Nagpur Metro Posts

Local politicians have demanded that Mahametro should hire people from Nagpur only.

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Nagpur’s qualified youths who were expecting jobs in Mahametro will now have to compete with over 68,000 candidates from all across the country for just 206 posts.

Since city's economic growth hasn't really picked up its desired pace, there is a lot of confusion regarding government jobs, especially on a regular basis.

Mahametro appointed Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), to select the candidates for the upcoming projects and they have already been flooded with over 68,000 applications for the 206 posts announced.

Given the large number of applicants, TCS will be screening the applicants based on an online examination that they will be conducting  over a period of seven days in three shifts. These examinationss will be held in thirteen centres in and around Nagpur. 

According to a source in Mahametro, most of the candidates for lower level posts are mostly from Maharashtra because domicile certificate and the knowledge of Marathi is necessary. 

 "For the higher posts, domicile certificate is not required but knowledge of the state language is a must. The candidate must score at least 40% in Marathi for his other papers to get evaluated," he told TOI.

According to the report, there are 62 posts of station controller/train operator with a pay scale of Rs13,500 to Rs25,520 and the 91 technician posts will have a pay scale of Rs8,000 to Rs14,140.

With the pay scale of Rs16,000 to Rs30,770 the Mahametro will appoint 10 section engineers and 43 junior engineers will pay scale of Rs13,500 to Rs25,520.

Source: Indianexpress

As per government norms, half of the posts will be reserved for SC, ST and OBC candidates.

The online applications were open from 10th October to 9th November. the applications were then processed and hall tickets were issued for the candidates.The examinations started yesterday and will go on till the 10th of December.

Source: railanalysis

According to an applicant, "There are very few good jobs in the city. I was looking forward to a job in Mahametro but with so many candidates, I don't know how much chance I stand. Ideally, the jobs should have been reserved for Nagpurians."

Information Source: TOI

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