6 Community Organizations In Nagpur To Volunteer With To Make A Difference

Apart from these 6, there are many other organizations in Nagpur one can volunteer with.

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We’ve all heard that volunteering for any NGO or a community organization is a noble way of giving it back to the society. But why only volunteering? What makes volunteering a must over any other way to do good to the society? Let us find out.

Volunteering is multi-faceted in its importance to our society. Not only does it better the community that we’re a part of but it also shapes us into a better human who’s a part of that same community. It enriches the society, plants the seeds of being change-makers amongst the young, brings the community together and also helps keeps business and organizations afloat. Furthermore, volunteering serves as the most convenient and easy to access platform to bring about a change. Some might say it is a thankless job but together as a community it makes it all worth in the end when the efforts materialize.

Keeping this in mind, we have handpicked 6 community organizations in Nagpur that cover diverse aspects, right from literature to mental health to entrepreneurship, one can be a part of. Apart from these 6, there are many other organizations one can be a part of. So go ahead and choose a community whose ideals you resonate with and bring about the social change you always looked forward to bring about.

1) The Goodwill Tribe

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‘The Goodwill Tribe’ is a community that designs projects and events to inspire compassion and human connections. Spread across 14 chapters all across the world, this community has brought kindness back in fashion. The Nagpur chapter, which is led by Mandar Pandhare, has been functional since September 2017.

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Contact: Mandar Pandhare - 9112277987


2) Zero Gravity

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‘Zero Gravity’ is a community organization that gives young changemakers a platform to come together and bring about a social change. Headed by sibling duo Maitreyi Jichkar and Yajnavalkya Jichkar, the community has renovated various schools and shelter homes. The community organizes various fundraising events providing an opportunity to donate and be a part of the projects.

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Contact: 9730777496


3) Dear Mind

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‘Dear Mind’ gathers young enthusiasts’ aiming to create a safe space for people struggling with mental health issues. The community believes in the need to start conversations about mental health openly by creating a safe, non-judgemental haven. Its ultimate aim is to make India a mentally healthy country.

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Contact: Sharmishtha Hardas - 7263865936


4) Dark Room Poets

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‘Dark Room Poets’ is a community platform which believes in sowing seeds of literature in the city by giving the aspiring poets and writers a platform and inspiring them to lead the contemporary time. City-based poet Husain Rasheed and his associates birthed the community in 2017. They are presently working to introduce the concept of ‘Dastangoi’ in the city which is a noted form of poetry.

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Contact: Husain Rasheed – 7989905495 / 9806823152


5) The Stage

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‘The Stage’ is a skill development firm which focuses on helping students of all kinds to prepare for future personality development skills to achieve personal and professional growth. Pranay Wankhede, who leads the firm, is all set to launch their upcoming offline observational learning program ‘Hiro’.

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Contact: Pranay Wankhede - 7774968443


6) Global Shapers

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Global Shapers is a community organization based in most of the major cities all across the world bringing together young people in tackling burning issues such as climate change, water conservation, etc. The organization is a platform for accelerating solution building, policy-making and lasting change. The Nagpur hub of this organization is lead by Varun Agarwal in tow with Prerna Chandak.

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Contact: Varun Agarwal - 7744000775


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