17 Times When Jitesh Vasani Tickled Your Funny Bone

Meet funny bone Jitesh Vasani from Nagpur.

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Laughter is the best medicine they say. So, that makes all comedians doctors as well. Except the fact that people are not offended by doctors and comedians are not really rich :p

One such poor comedian is our very own Jitesh Vasani (who is not a SINDHI, btw!). The best stand up comedian in Nagpur, because he is the only one; Jitesh makes sure to pop up on your Facebook timelines with his witty one-liners, sarcastic comments, memes and videos that most of the times make you LOL, ROFL and LMAO and other times just put a smile on your face!

Check out the top 17 times when Jitesh Vasani was just hilarious (you can thank us later):

1.  Interior Designer ke sath Pandit free

2. We told you about his wit!

3. And you HAVE to follow him on Snapchat (id: jitesh.v)


For similar non-sense, follow me on Snapchat. (id: jitesh.v)

A video posted by Jitesh Vasani (@jiteshvasani) on

4. Toh… Pench chale?


6. Makes sense no?

7. This is most of us on 31st December, every year!!! (instagram: @jiteshvasani)

8. Indian Television Zindabad

9. “Haan mumma, khana kha liya”

10. Somebody please inform all the banks.

11. LifeOk is NOT OK

12. Ahem Ahem

13. If mobile stores could talk…

14. And this Rahul Gandhi joke

15. How an ordinary guy wears a t-shirt VS How a Punjabi wears it. Hadippa!

16. True that!

17. Are you a NERD? Are you?

If you guys enjoyed this, you will love when you see him perform live. ‘When’ you ask?

Check out the details below.

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