12 Things That Only A Nagpurian Can Relate To

Check out common things in Nagpur that will cherish you by making you feel proud of being Nagpurkar.

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Sharing the same City means sharing the same home, language, experiences & everything else possible. While Nagpur is famous for oranges (which we never get to have), you would also find these 12 things too famous and common if you’re a Nagpurian!

Relish and relive while you read with us:

1. We say “Hao” instead of a sophisticated “Haan/Yes”


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We’ve all done that. It’s when you agree, you say with all your heart and all your soul and yelp “Hao” just like that’s all you’ve ever wanted to say. It is so common for us that we don’t even know how uncommon it is for someone who isn’t a Nagpurian. Not just this, "Aur kya bolte?" is our way of addressing someone instead of an ordinary "Hi-hello" and "Kaise ho".

2. When our friend says, “Bas, Raste mein hu” it usually means he just woke up

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"We are on our way" usually means we are looped up in a towel or worse, snoozing our alarm clocks. We have all been there, we have all done that. It is so common that the person on the other end of the phone is himself searching for his shoes while saying “mein bas pohochh raha hu” .

3. ‘Futala’ is Nagpur’s Marine Drive

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Be it post-exam parties, farewells or anything colloquial, we run to our one and only Futala Lake. Spotting a number of couples and attending to various bike stunts of the localities are so common that without them, it doesn’t feel right.

4. The redundant addition of ‘hich’ after each word and common use of ‘bawa’ is overrated

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When one Nagpurian asks another, “Paper kaise gaya?” The other replies, “Waisehich gaya, jaise aya tha bawa”. Not only this, almost every old man is addressed as 'bawaji', every other man as ‘kaka’ and how can we spare our friends? We address each of our friend as 'mama' to emphasize our bro-ship.

"Aur mama, kaise kya sab?"

5. It isn’t enough, we have a different linguistic approach towards our national Language

Source: Memegenerator

Ghapa-ghap, kanpat, phattse, bahar-gaon and jhamal-jhamal add up to the never ending proud list. Not only this, but when we visit a non-Nagpurian, we teach him the unforgettable use of ‘Bey and ‘Abey’ with every sentence and suddenly they can’t get enough of it.

Just like a non-Nagpurian could never understand this: "Nagpur waale gadi chalate nai, pajate hai"

6. The unforgettable chai Tapri vendors and Poha Waalas

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The early morning rides to poha waalas and the endless conversations at chai tapri with those chuddy-buddies have been going on since so long that it is now a silent tradition which is mandatory to be practiced every now and then.

7. The famous brands: Rebuk, Addidus and Nique from Sita Buldi

Source: Yawstories

They have their own incomparable famous brands of Sita Buldi. The ones that people get it in a couple of 100 bucks and they show it off like they are wearing Reebok, Nike and Adidas! We have all seen people flaunt this way (or maybe we ourselves have flaunted one-time or the other, no?)

8. Ghach ghachar ghachar ghachar, hu ha hu ha!

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Sounds familiar? This patent Nagpurian jingle might make no sense but is so accustomed to us that we have ourselves voiced to this tune at least once. This popular jingle is mostly articulated at those cricket matches followed by a peculiar Nagpurian dance at Dharampeth rejoicing the victory! Even if you have never voiced this, I bet you have witnessed this.

9. Nagpur has three seasons: Summer, wet summer and chilled summer

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Nagpur is blessed with heat, a lot of heat. And the most discussed figures are that of the temperature! The way the air-coolers cool the home, can any air-conditioner ever be effective? On top of that, the heat is never enough for anyone who gets angry or passionate about something. "Bhai, bohot garam dera aajkal".

"Dekhna, iss baar toh 50 cross karegahich bawa!"

10. The never ending dhoop and the masked avatars of girls.

Source: indianexpress

Sunscreens? Well that’s too mainstream. The masked avatars are so common with girls that these days even guys cover themselves up to save their faces from the tanning and scorching Sun. And the worst part, we are so used to it that we can now recognize our friends not with their vehicles but with the color of their scarfs!

11. Saoji!

saojee 010

Source: Bhopinderkumar

When we are talking about Nagpur, how can we not include Saoji? Even if the temperature crosses 40, one can never get enough of Soaji! Nagpurians leave behind Italian, Mexican or even continental cuisines when they get an option of saoji. Even when our nose and eyes all spill out fluids, we still crave for extra free gravy!

"Yeh toh apna swag hai re bawa!"

12. Naagin Dance aka Nagobba

Source: Indiatimes

Well Nagpurians take Nagpur’s name too seriously. Salsa, hip-hop, cha cha cha, ballet and all the other dance forms were too mainstream. So what did we do? We made our own dance form! Naagin dance/Nagobba is the renowned dance which you will get to see in almost every party, be it a DJ or a sangeet. Not enough? We also do our sandal dance which has no comparison with any other dance forms ever invented.

When all is said and done, you can take a Nagpuri out of Nagpur but you cannot take Nagpur out of a Nagpuri.

Proud to be a nagpurian!


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