10 Things You Did Not Know About Nagpur

History of any place remains like a shadow with it.Here are some 10 strange facts about Nagpur that you need to know.

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Every city is unique and has its points of interest that everyone in that city knows about. However, even after having lived in your hometown for years, there are some things that you may miss. This time, we bring you ten such fascinating things that you did not know about our beloved Nagpur:

1. History

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Human existence in the area is about 3000 years old. The reference to name Nagpur came in a 10th-century copper-plate inscription discovered at Devali in Wardha district.

2. Creation

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Bakht Buland Shah lay the foundation for the creation of Nagpur city in 1702. He was forced to convert to Islam by Aurangzeb when the he attempted to regain his lost kingdom.

3. Country's first textile mill

Source: Catalign

Central India Spinning and Weaving Company Ltd. was the country's first textile mill started by the famous industrialist Jamshedji Tata. It is also known as "Empress Mill" as it was inaugurated on 1 January 1877, the day queen Victoria took over as the Empress of India.


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4. Capital status

Source: Wikipedia

Before Maharashtra was formed, Nagpur was capital of the Central Provinces and Berar. When Maharashtra was formed, the capital was moved to Mumbai and Nagpur became the only city in India to lose its capital status.

5. Deekshabhoomi

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Deekshabhoomi, where Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, along with his 500,000 followers converted to Buddhism, is the largest hollow stupa among all Buddhist stupas in the world.

6. MRO facility

Source: Manishsonijournalist

The Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facility constructed at Nagpur by Boeing as part of MIHAN is only the second such facility in the world, after Shanghai. MIHAN itself is the biggest project of its scale in terms of economic investments in India.

7. Air Traffic Control at Nagpur

Source: Travelocity26

Nagpur’s ATC is the busiest in India with more than 300 flights crossing over the city (2004). Nagpur’s geographic position and its linking to major cities is the main reason for the enormous air traffic.


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8. Literacy

Source: Nagpuruniversity

At 92.38%, Nagpur is above Mumbai and Pune in terms of literacy rates. The city also has one of the highest rural literacy rates in all of Maharashtra, which is estimated to be about 75 per cent, a fact often overlooked.

9. Gold reserve

Source: Panoramio

The country’s majority gold asset is kept in the Nagpur's Branch of  Reserve Bank Of India, considered one of most secure locations in the country.

10. Aerospace park

Source: Indiandefencenews

Reliance has planned to set up an aerospace park in Mihan and it will be the biggest Greenfield project in whole South East Asia.

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