Nagpur's Somalwar Ramdaspeth: 10 Things You'll Relate To If You're A Proud Student

Right from cribbing about no playground to creating records in exams, this is the life of every student from Somalwar Ramdaspeth, in a nutshell!

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First of all, thank you for clicking on this article with a painfully clickbaity title because this was the only way to get your attention. Thank you, again!

If given a chance to go back in time, I would definitely want to re-live the days spent at Somalwar Ramdaspeth. Back then, my world revolved just around my school, teachers, friends, unit tests and summer vacations. Eventually, adulting happened and all of us grew up! Every time, I read something about the school in the newspaper or accidentally bump into my teachers, I get into an all nostalgic zone. Of course, we millennials are obsessed with everything that has gone by and missing school days is an extension of the same. 

Hence, without further ado, let’s recall some moments that you’ll relate to if you’re a true blue student of Somalwar High School, Ramdaspeth.

1. Of getting thrashed by strict faculty:

If we scan through the history of Somalwar Ramdaspeth, the school has a legacy of producing brilliant students. But very few know that those behind these sharp minds were some extremely strict teachers. Be it Halve Sir, Poddar Sir and Muley Sir from the late 70s or Bhave Sir, Marawar Sir and Deshpande Sir in early 2000s, getting thrashed for creating nuisance was very much in fashion, always!

Source: Wordpress

Also, we couldn’t get any photos of any of the teachers, hence managed with Deshpande Sir’s doppelganger, Cadbury from 90s cartoon show: Richie Rich!

2. Of making optimum use of limited resources:

The only shit we have to hear even from someone like a student of Jupiter convent is about the length and breadth of our ground. Yes, we agree that it look more like a fashion ramp and calling it playground will be a joke, still, we all made some zillion memories in that space. We laughed, cried, thrashed, were thrashed, got hurt and what not! Adjustment is what we learned directly from the school.

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Also, who can forget the mind blowing canteen which served some lip-smacking dishes? Well, no! 

3. Of typical school things:

Bunking school and playing gully cricket at Lendra Park: Check
Giving hilarious nicknames to every possible teacher: Check
Completing Athavale Sir’s homework during school hours: Check

Source: Facebook

Planting Sutli bombs during assembly prayers: Check
Spoiling every vulnerable BEd teacher’s interview with some terrible pranks: Check
Joined Tarane Sir’s NCC Army Wing for extra marks and money: Check

Congrats! You’re a terrible, terrible student of Somalwar High School, Ramdaspeth.

4. Somalwar Khamla and Nikalas! Well, what’s that?!

Folks from Ramdaspeth branch are so much in their own bubble that they don’t give a shit about the other two branches. Well, every branch thinks the same, I guess! 

5. A, B, C-section! Well, what’s that?!

If you’ve watched Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, then you’ll understand the discrimination Model College had to face through the hands of Rajput College. In our case, Rajput College can be compared to the D and E sections, those with relatively upscale English speaking students and A, B and C section..well, less said is better!

6. Of gatherings and section rivalries:

While other schools were busy conducting exams in December, our motto in Somalwar High School, Ramdaspeth was no work and only play! One month of complete madness. From some really weird sports to some equally weird dances and giving the creative best in those handmade magazines, school gathering was one mad circus!  Also, did we forget to mention the fights between different sections during class decoration competition? Well, those were deadlier than the ‘Battle of Bastards’.

7. Of the things that changed and those that didn't!

For example, if you visit the school now, you’ll realise that it has taken Modi’s Digital India campaign, way too seriously. Every corridor, every classroom has a CCTV camera and students are under strict surveillance. 

But there are things that have remained unchanged. Like our patent period bell and also Bhave Maam's Kinetic Luna. 

8. Of little things that brought happiness!

Source: Youtube

Remember those cold retreats at Cream Corner or dabeli worth five bucks that you savored after school? Also, Loitering around girls from Mount Carmel and Tata Parsi girls even after knowing that they are way out of the league was an everyday task for every boy of Somalwar Ramdaspeth. Well, life was so simple back then!

9. Of merit list and all that jazz!

Somalwar Ramdaspeth has a history of overshadowing every other school in Nagpur in SSC results. Almost entire class manages to score above 90 percent and the school is creating and breaking records since decades!

Every year, local newspapers and news channel go gaga over the school during Xth results and we’re as proud as ever. Boasting about the merit list of Somalwar Ramdaspeth, every year without fail, is just our basic character trait!

10. Of being a proud Somalwarian!

No matter how successful, upscale or classy you’ve become, years after leaving the school, if someone asks you your school, you proudly say, “I’m from Somalwar Ramdaspeth!”

Agreed that we might not have a big ground, but every year, we produce students who someday, will do our nation proud. We might not have a proper canteen or swanky classrooms, but we know how to make the most of what we have! 

Because there are schools and then there is Somalwar Ramdaspeth!

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Disclaimer: I’m a true blue Somalwarian. I’ve completed my secondary and well as higher secondary education from Somalwar Ramdaspeth and the school was a second home for half of my life. Even though I passed my 10th in 2010 and 12th in 2012, certain points may not click with my juniors as well as seniors. But still, I’ve tried my level best to keep the points generic and at the same time relatable. Moreover, these are my personal opinions and are not intended to offend anyone. I’m a proud alumnus of Somalwar Ramdaspeth and the school is very much responsible for taking the best out of me. 

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