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Ganesh festival and Nagpur, two inseparable entities. With each coming year and as the city goes forward to meet its grand ambitions, the celebrations get bigger and more innovative. Ganesh mandals from various parts of the city erect large, intricate and artistic Ganesh idols to show their faith and devotion to the god. This year, there has also been an environment-friendly approach to the festival, which looks promising for the future. We have listed some of the best idols around the West Nagpur for your pleasure below:

Mama road mandal, Dharampeth

Celebrating since:  25 years

This mandal and its celebration is famous for its grand celebration and a good selection of programmes during the festival. They also have a long history of celebrations with each year bringing something new.

Motibagh Railway Colony Ganpati Sena Utsav Mandal

Celebraing since: 20 years

This mandal has created an eco-friendly idol made from clay and promote environment friendly celebrations like keeping the noise at minimum, keeping the pandal clean etc. They also have very innovative styling, distinct from all other pandals in the city.

Dharampeth sarwajanik ganeshotsav, Zenda Chowk

Celebrating since: 57 years

This is one of the oldest mandals in the city with history going back to over 50 years. Set in one of the prime areas of Nagpur, the Dharampeth sarwajanik ganeshotsav does not disappoint either in selection of the idol or the celebration that follows.

Ashtavinayak bahu uddeshiya sanstha, Dhantoli

Celebrating since: 27 years

This is also one of the relatively older sansthas in the city that celebrate Ganesh festival from a long time. Being one of the core areas of the city, they attract a large crowd each year.

Lakshminagar ganesh utsav mandal

Celebrating since: 25 years

The lakshminagar area of the city is rapidly becoming one of the most developed and has hence even more importance for the festival. People from all corners of the city come to visit the Lakshminagar area during Ganesh festival.

Lakshminagar youth association ganeshutsav mandal

Celebrating since: 22 years

This is another one of the few eco friendly idols in the city. This one, also belonging to the Lakshminagar area, is a step forward in a direction that encourages saving of water, trees and other issues like women empowerment.

Abyankar nagar sanskritik ganeshotsav mandal

Celebrating since: 9 years

This one is relatively new, but is rapidly gaining popularity for being in a prime areas of the city. The celebrations are grand with a large crowd involvement that grows each year.

Abhyankar nagar sarwajanik bal ganeshotsav mandal

Celebrating since: 56 years

Contrary to the one above, the history with this one goes way back. Set up in a traditional outlook, this mandal showcases the importance of tradition and culture in its celebrations.

Ekta ganeshotsav mandal, Hill top

Celebrating since: 25 years

This is perhaps the biggest one in city with the idol standing at a towering 31 feet. The mandal has also brought 9 other idols from Lalbagh, Mumbai. The NCP MLA from the region Prakash Gajbhiye said, “Our pandal mirrors the mantralaya structure and shows its significance.”

Shri sarvajanik bal ganeshotsav mandal, Bhende layout

Celebrating since: 28 years

The last but not the least, we have one more on this list that focusses on environmental friendly ganesh festival. This mandla has based its celebrations on 'Panchtatva yehi jeevantatva' concept, where they plan to reach about 1 lakh people in the city and encourage them to plant trees. They are also famous for being one of the biggest celebrations in the city, within the huge pandal created in the area.

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