Zookeeper Introduces 20 Feet Long Selfie Stick To Take A Perfect Shot With Giraffe

This selfie stick is made with an aim that these photos will raise awareness for the Rothschild's giraffe

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We all know taking selfies is becoming an obsession nowadays. Either it's your friend or your favorite pet, you want everyone to fit in your frame. How about we tell you that you can now even take selfies with giraffes?

You might be wondering how? So let me tell you that a zookeeper at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey, England has created a 20 feet long selfie stick to fit you and the giraffe in the single frame.

Source: dailymail

Becky Apperley-Gawn who is a zookeeper made this selfie stick using a metal pole and green camouflage, which according to her will allow the visitors to get the perfect shot with one of the zoo’s five Rothschild’s (Nubian) giraffes.

Source: Selfi

The ‘Self-ari Stick’ will help the visitors to take the perfect shot of themselves from above with Moja, who stands at 16.5 feet, Tonda and Kito who are both 15 feet, Napoli at 13.5 feet and Oscar at 11.5 feet.

In a report published in lonely Planet Becky said, “When guests meet our giraffes it’s incredible to watch. Adults and children alike stand in awe. Educating guests on the animals we look after is a huge part of what we do. With approximately only 1500 Rothschild’s giraffes left in the wild, raising awareness for this now vulnerable mammal is massively important to us.”

Source: thesun

With the introduction of this ‘Self-ari Stick,’ the zoo can ensure that guests have a perfect picture to take away, back their way home! Becky hopes will help them to remember the giraffes’ fight against what she calls ‘silent extinction.’

Title Image: Self , thesun

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