Meet Zeyan Shafiq, Kashmir's Very Own Mark Zuckerberg!

16-year-old Zeyan Shafiq created a Kashmiri version of Facebook named KashBook.

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Either it is a question of ignorance or an illusion of knowledge but what others saw as a problem was seen as an opportunity by one. Given the recent turmoil in the valley, the state government of Jammu and Kashmir has now banned all kinds of social media platforms for a month. The basic agenda was to avoid anti-national and anti -social elements in the state. 

After the banning of 22 social media sites, 16-year-old Zeyan Shafiq from Anantnag District decided to choose a less travelled path.

Zeyan who just gave his 10th grade exams is also a software enthusiast. He started playing with the computer languages and the HTML hashtags all by himself . It was back in 2013 that he along with his friend Uzair Jan created a Kashmiri version of Facebook and named it Kashbook.


But what better date to launch this site than the 'troubled times'? 

After the ban, this duo decided to launch the site on May 2, 2017. With this started another rage of Kasbook winning the hearts of the masses of the valley with its unique features.

Here is what makes KashBook unique:

source: googleplaystore

  1. It gives you the option to communicate in Kashmiri.
  2. It works without a VPN so that people can access it easily and stay connected.
  3. It takes the site only 5-10 minutes to get back if the server is blacklisted.
  4. It also is a business platform for many, wherein people can boost and the market as well as sell their products.

That indeed is the testimony to the fact that necessity is the mother of invention!

Title Image source:dailybhaskar

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