Did You Know? With Zero Deaths, 2017 Was The Safest Year For Commercial Air Travel

One of the deadliest aircraft-related incident that happened last year was when a cargo plane from Turkey had to crash land in Kyrgyzstan.

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Airlines recorded zero accident deaths aboard commercial passenger jets in 2017.  That makes last year, the safest-ever for commercial air travel.

According to the Aviation Safety Network and the Dutch aviation group To70 last year was "the safest year ever, both by the number of fatal accidents as well as in terms of fatalities."

The two groups released reports saying that there were zero deaths aboard commercial jet planes last year.

“2017 was the safest year for aviation ever,” said To70's Adrian Young.

However, 10 fatal incidents and 44 deaths on board aircrafts and 35 deaths on the ground were recorded for cargo airplanes and commercial passenger propeller aircrafts.

One of the deadliest aircraft-related incident that happened in 2017 was when a cargo plane from Turkey had to crash land in Kyrgyzstan. 4 crew members and 35 people on ground were killed in this accident.

Talking about the Turkish plane crash and other minor incidents, Young said that the risks involved in the aviation industry still remain high.

“The risks to civil aviation remain high as shown by the seriousness of some of the non-fatal accidents," he told The Independent.

“It is unlikely that this historic low will be maintained; in part, these very positive figures rest on good fortune. Nevertheless, the safety level that civil aviation has achieved is remarkable," he added.

It has been observed that fatal accidents that involve passenger jet planes have been steadily falling. According to Reuters, 2005 saw 1,015 deaths on commercial passenger planes around the world.

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