Zareen Khan In A Legal Battle With Aksar 2 Makers

Planned controversy?

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Makers of the recently released Aksar 2 are planning to sue their lead actress Zareen Kahn for her defamatory remarks.

Well, it all started when Zareen recently lashed out at the makers, saying that she was initially assured that Aksar 2 would be a "clean film", but was then asked to "wear minimal clothes in every frame”.

She also said that there was lack of security during the promotions of the film, and she almost got molested by the mob.

According to a report published in Mid-Day, producer Narendra Bajaj, said, "I will legally pursue the matter after consultation with my counsel."

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"Abound script was given to her and nothing since has changed. As for the clothes, she tried everything in Mumbai before we left the schedule in Mauritius and all the clothes were approved by her. So, I don't understand her comments," he said. 

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However, on the other hand, Zareen accused the director Ananth Mahadevan of being "clueless" about the film.

While he told DNA that, "Nobody is more prepared than me in the industry. People come to me for low-budget films with clarity and planning. I found it amusing to read allegations of confusion, extra shots, etc. I rehearse like a play. Every shot was explained during rehearsals."

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He also said that there was nothing improper in the film, in addition, a few long kisses don't make it erotic.

"Zareen may not have been used to that kind of filming. As for the smooches, I have repeatedly said that a few kisses do not make a film erotic. These days every other film has smooches - even a Karan Johar movie has them. In fact, we have shot longer kisses, but we didn't want an 'A' certificate because we wanted women to see the film and so edited them. She has been through the entire shoot and dubbing sessions and she was quite thrilled with the results. If there was anything to this effect, it would have come out then. She even happily confessed in her interviews that she excitedly looked forward to the female-oriented film! I don't know if she has been instigated, but whatever she says doesn't hold water," he said. 

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