Young Woman In Saudi Arabia Arrested For Not Wearing Hijab In Public

A Saudi Arabian woman was arrested for wearing neither a Hijab nor an Abaya

Malak Al Shehri, Saudi Arabia, Women Empowerment, Hijab

A young woman from Saudi Arabia was apparently arrested for stepping out in public without wearing a Hijab or an Abaya (a traditional full-body cloak).

Malak Al Shehri had posted an image of herself on twitter a few days ago, in which she could be seen standing on a street without a hijab. Soon enough, people on social media started to reprehend her. Many conservatives demanded for her being punished for such an act.

While, some demanded she ‘to be thrown to the dogs’, others insisted her to be ‘beheaded’. At the same time, many defended her and supported her for the ‘bravery’.

However, for breaking the country’s rule, which prohibits women to step out in public without a Hijab, Al Shehri was shortly arrested. Again, many rejoiced this decision, while many protested and encouraged others to stand with her.

Title image: twitter

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