Trailer Of TBBT Spin-Off 'Young Sheldon' Is Out And Now We’ll Know Why Sheldon Doesn’t Understands Sarcasm!

Now, we'll finally get to know how Sheldon's fascination with science started and his love for trains.

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A question that pops into the mind of every ‘The Big Bang Theory’ fans: “did Sheldon’s mother really had him tested?” Well, it’s time, we’ll finally get the answer because CBS has just released the trailer of TBBT’s most iconic character, Sheldon Cooper’s origin story - Young Sheldon, and we must tell you the trailer is a clear-cut indication that the prequel is going to be simply amazing. 

Set in Texas in 1989, the show follows the story of a nine-year-old Sheldon Cooper and his family, including his father, elder brother and twin sister. The clip also shows, how his fascination with science started, his love for trains and how he started his high school early.

Starring Iain Armitage as the ‘Young Sheldon’, and narrated by grown-up Sheldon Cooper from TBBT, Jim Parsons, Young Sheldon is all set to make its TV debut in September, this year. 

Check out the hilarious trailer of the spin-off:

First Look: Young Sheldon

You've grown to love him, now watch Sheldon grow up! Take a look at Young Sheldon now, and don't miss it this fall on CBS.

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