You Need Real Balls To Swim In These Deadliest Pools

For those adventurous souls, Reacho has compiled a list of awesome yet petrifying pools.

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Dubai, London, Mumbai, Mexico are some of the places which truly changed the definition of water-based hangout venues. They are for those daredevils swimmers who want unique and frantic experiences.

So, for those adventurous souls, Reacho has compiled this list of awesome yet petrifying pools.  

1. Glass Bottom Pool in Houston (the most recent Internet sensation)

Source: telegraph

Here’s the view when you look down from the pool -

Source: metro

Hanging off the 42nd floor of the Market Square tower in downtown Houston, the pool is 500ft above the ground. Try to befriend someone living in the apartment and voila! You are good to go.

2. Death Defying Pool, Victoria Falls

Source: express

Also known as the devil's pool in victoria falls, this pool is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This swimming pool is hundreds of feet above the Zambezi River. It is a naturally formed swimming pool. It surely is horrifying but don’t worry, there are safety guards for your help. Get the full view of this pool here.

3. Hanging infinity pool at Bali

Source: freshome

This multi-leveled infinity pool, with curves at the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel in Bali, manages to grab everyone's eyeballs. The curves of the pool are said to copy the shape and beauty of the hills nearby. You can enjoy the view of the ancient Pura Penataran Dalem Segara temple located on the hillside.

4. Intercontinental Hanging Pool, Dubai

Source: amusingplanet

This suspended pool is sandwiched between the awe-inspiring Burj Khalifa on one side and the tranquil Festival City Boulevard on the other. It offers both the dizzying feeling of swimming in the sky and also a great view of Dubai’s skyline.

5. Rooftop Saltwater Pool, Melbourne

Source: amusingplanet

This 9-story, 25-meter, heated, saltwater pool has been constructed at the Adelphi hotel, Melbourne. Visiters can enjoy the roadside view of Melbourne while having a de-stressing swim.

Information source: cnn, oddee, theatlantic

Title image: businessinsider

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