'You Can't Escape The FRIENDZONE' : Epic Stints By The Bakkbenchers

This poor guy in the video was recently thrown into the FRIENDZONE!

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From Ranbir Kapoor to Salman Khan, even the handsome hunks couldn't get past this major hurdle to reach their girl!

*Toh Tum Kis Khet ki Muli ho Bhai?*

After all those hours of playing agony aunt to her sob stories, taking her to the parlour and handling her bags while she shops you finally ask her out!

But when you confess you love her and she cutely replies that I LOVE YOU TOO. But only as a FRIEND... That is when it breaks your heart and you enter the deep s*&t called the......... FRIENDZONE!

You cannot really do anything about it so might as well just let it go and have a good laugh!

But hey all you heartbroken fellas! These epic rants about the friendzone by the tongue-in-cheek funny Bakkbenchers will make u feel better!

You Can't Escape FRIENDZONE - Attempt #1

Friendzone AKA Living Hell !! Have you ever been in it? Are you trying to get out of it? Well, there is a news for you, You can't.

You Can't Escape FRIENDZONE - Attempt #2

If you thought escaping friendzone was that easy, they made a second video to explain the consequences of being friendzoned.

You Can't Escape FRIENDZONE - Attempt #3

One more addition to the friendzone series. Will Bablani finally get the girl or is is he in store for a new twist in his life?

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