You Are No Different Than The Man, Louis Litt! Read To Rediscover!

Weird, obnoxious, whimsical and damn funny. Our beloved Louis Litt is many things to many people.We enlist some unmistakable things which make you Louis-like:

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Weird, obnoxious, whimsical and damn funny. Our beloved Louis Litt is many things to many people. Hate him but he can never be  ignored! Because apparently there are no ‘uniballs’ in Pearson – Specter and thus there is a need for Pearson-Specter-Litt! However smitten you are with Harvey’s charm or Ross’s memory, you cannot ignore your resemblance with this hilarious character Litt. We enlist some unmistakable things which make you Louis-like:

1. You just want to “Litt the hell up”:

Source: quotesgram

How many things are you supposed to take care of? There are times when you just want to Litt people up. Well, you are hungry for that power of control just like him, at any rate! Who wouldn’t like a bunch of well trained associates afterall?

2. So I treat my body like a temple, does that make me uncool?

Source: uproxx

Remember when your OCD and self–love is marinated with words of criticism? Well, Louis believes it is kinda cool! You gotta believe his “LITTigation”.

3. Do I have brains in my head? Do I have a heart in my chest?

Source: vieyw

Indeed, a father’s love knows no rule. Do you even know what that innocent face does to you? Have you ever been in love? Was talking about the pet fellas! Louis and his cat love is some another level of affection!

4. You got the file in which I am photoshopped as various American Presidents?

Source: pinterest

Ohh the secret weird fetishes! You have a dictaphone because keeping a “Dear Diary” is so Norma-like! Well, everybody wants to make it big, be famous and a little daydreaming is allowed!

5. It’s not a perfume, it’s an olfactory offence!

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Being a mirror to stupid people is indeed a bliss! Perfume is a good escape but it won’t hurt to to take a bath! #lazyarse

6. Make people shit rainbows!

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That is right! You have your way with people, you make them work ! Alas! If only you could get your name on the wall for it!

7. I’m Un-rattleable:


That’s right baby! You better watch your mouth before you give me that free pie of advice. You do say it- though silently in your mind!

8. Louis, you’re the man!

Source: quotesgram

Those glossy words of praise we die for! And when it comes from someone we adore, ohh what a blissful feeling! You are a genius! You’re The Man!

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