5 Must-Haves You Need To Stack On If Yoga Is Your New Year Resolution

Time for some TLC for you and your body in 2018, maybe?

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New Year happened to us and so did a set of new resolutions! While most of us make these new year resolutions, only a few of us follow it religiously!

In the recent times, we’ve seen millennials indulge in self-care and self-love for the importance of both couldn’t be stressed enough. Following the current wind, many of us have jotted down ‘Yoga’ in our list of resolutions!

For beginners, it is a huge step as some of you never even stuck to your commitment of waking up early! So, a little push and a little motivation and we’ll be out there yoga-ing our way into glory. What better way to get this push from a little yoga shopping.

So, present y’all is a list of 5 essentials that you could shop before you get into your first asana. Take a look!

1) Yoga Apparel

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Since Yoga is going to make you feel sexier this year, how about starting off with equally sexy apparel? You can team up a saucy camisole with yoga pants or even experiment with some haram pants with a slit. Also, remember to click a picture when you get dressed because this apparel deserves one!

2) Yoga Mat

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You’ll be stretching, lying, sitting, standing, breathing and what not on that mat. Well, that’s a good enough reason to buy a really cool yoga mat. Ditch the ones which are one plain solid color and go for something printed this New Year!

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3) Mat Bag

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A pretty mat is worthy of an attractive bag! If you’re the one who carries your mat along to the yoga classes, nearby parks, yoga sesh with friends, then you HAVE to have a bag and a cute one at that! A bag makes things hassle-free as you’d already have a lot of things to carry along.

4) Tote Bag

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Like I mentioned above, a lot of things need to be taken if you’re going out for yoga sessions. Carry all of it in a carry-it-all kind of tote to make life easier. Beautiful tote bags, right from chic to funky are available online to satiate your sassy bag-quest!

5) Essential Oils

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Ah, nothing, and I say nothing is as essential as a bottle of essential oil. The oils relax your nerves and give a soothing feeling to your sense after a session of yoga! Mix some into your bath and simply unwind! Pssstt! It is also said to open your senses and sends you directly into a meditative state.

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