Extra-Curricular Activities Made Compulsory For Engineering Students, But We Have A Solution

Students will have to ensure 25% attendance in one of these activities although there won’t be any marks awarded for the performance.

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Alert: Students of engineering colleges and other technical institutes will have to participate in one of the five extra-curricular activities including Yoga along with their programme to get their degrees from this academic session.

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Yes, you read it right! People are concerned about your health and the measures for the same are taken, but the price to pay is your DEGREE!

The listed extracurricular activities, other than Yoga, are the National Cadet Corps (NCC), NSS, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan and Sports. Students will have to opt any one from the list of five extracurricular activities and ensure at least 25 percent attendance in activities to be organised on a weekly basis.


Students will have to ensure 25% attendance in one of these activities although there won’t be any marks awarded for the performance.

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“Apart from studies, students need to do other activities too which is good for their well-being and for the society too,” a senior AICTE official said.

This is not the first time a move like this has been made. Earlier, University Grants Commision had send circulars across colleges to ban junk food in the college canteen. We know how effectively that effort has been carried out hence the effectiveness of this move too will be put to test by time.

But enough time invested in discussing the problem. Given the analytical and problem solving nature of the “engineers”, we decided to ease your efforts and provide you a list of excuses to escape this sudden urge of fitness and health:

Blame it on the CRT:

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Given the situation of placements troubles they will hopefully excuse you as you will be “busy” grooming yourself for the coming of the bigger problem.

Blame it on that one assignment you are giving your life for:

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It is synonymous to the night time investment in Netflix originals, sitcoms or learning the dialogues of the recently out, much in talk episode of GOT.

Aren’t you in the organising team of the recent upcoming NSS Social Service Event?

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What an escape! Who would not appreciate a kind helping soul? And if this escape demands a little buttering towards the (seldom taken seriously) NSS teacher, then so be it.

What about that audition of the “music club” you are secretly not interested in joining:

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The purpose of this move of introducing ‘other activities’ is to introduce you to a world beyond your beds, breakfast and sitcoms. Well, justice is made, but it demands faking your passion. The passion to invest in your hobby of music, and given the fact that you are engineers, they will buy your premise with all sympathies.

Go there to flaunt your recently purchased sports accessories:

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When would you get a chance to show your clan the recent fitbit you ordered in the online mega sale? How about those much in vogue yoga pants? You might end up munching a burger later in canteen with little or no guilt after your calorie burning morning session though.

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