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Do you have any trapped yesterdays behind some closed doors?

Since childhood we have been fed with quotations like, “Yesterday is gone and today is here” and “Yesterday is memory and today is a treasury” etc. I am sure you know many more than that. There is always so much knowledge around. We use a lot of it to enlighten others. But how far do we successfully implement it is always the question.

About ‘yesterday’ - we often take it up and carry it into another day, then another and sometimes - into a life - time.

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Some sweet memories? No problem… they often light up the heart in most difficult days. But the memories we carry from the yesterday are often laden with negativities. Anger, sadness, guilt, regrets, enmity, revenge and much more looms at us through the past and many yesterdays tend to engulf our todays.

I meet people who have stopped talking to some close friends or family years back for apparently very trivial reasons. The reason might have been of larger importance on one particular yesterday, but today the reason seems so very trivial. Times have changed since then. Many more experiences and much wisdom later it is apparent that people are not bad, it is the circumstances that make them behave in a certain way or appear in a certain form. We know and yet our loyalties are to our egos and emotions stuck in that one yesterday.

Life is tough enough today. Friends are few if any and relatives are far and dispersed. Competition is killing the pleasure of any company. We long for ‘good old days.’ And yet that one ‘yesterday’ becomes too powerful to let us extended a hand to those we left behind.

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I agree sometimes we give enough chance to people and then decide to move on without them. Not for what they have done but for what they are. But they are exceptions. If we have left someone behind after thorough thinking and the reason for leaving them is beyond anger, jealousy, ego or enmity, it is best to keep that lid closed.

But most others had been the reactions of our younger self’s. And even then if we have moved ahead happily and nothing about that relationship hurts in any corner of the heart… keep going. However, if any one yesterday is haunting your sleep, asking you questions, pricking you with guilt or shame, making you fret and complain every now and then, you need to take a plunge into that particular yesterday. Look at what happened with new matured eyes. Break the shell and free that yesterday.

This is not for anyone but for us. More the yesterdays we free more we live in the Present- today, here, now!

Dr. Sapna Sharma

Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Author, Speaker

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