“Ye Schnitzel kya hai?” “Kabab Type Hota Hai Sir!” Complicated ‘so-called-exotic’ Dishes Made Easy!

See how some difficult dishes are made easy based on which you can claim to be a MasterChef.

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We are a generation which has moved from cult teenage shows like Just Mohobbat to watching Friends and How I Met Your Mother. So in the meanwhile we have also graduated from our favourite Paani puri wallahs to exotic cafes and fine dine restaurants claiming to follow MasterChef (Australia and America of course) donning the WANNABE uber cool cap. But we forget that we are desi at heart and no matter what we still enjoy the thele ki pav bhaji and bhaiyaji ki Bhelpuri more! So we are put to test when we visit hi-fi food places with Italian and French menus pushing us to our wit’s end. So here are some difficult dishes made easy to help you decide the next time you go showing off!

1. Risotto

http://www.seriouseats.com/images/2015/10/20151019-miso-risotto-recipe-5.jpgSource: seriouseats

Pronounced – Re-zot-to

It is basically RICE! Cooked in a lot of Cheese along with many assorted vegetables. Imagine it to a softer version of your Vegetable Pulav with a lot of Butter flavor!

2. Bruschetta

E:\Documents\Bluetooth Folder\IMG_20160724_183323.jpgPronounced – Brus-ketta

Had Garlic Bread? This Italian dish when Indianised is bread fried in butter and garlic and decorated with the topping of choice, right from sautéed veges to chicken to pesto cheese.

3. Croquettes

http://thegastronomicbong.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/coxinhas3-2.jpgSource: thegastronomicbong

Pronounced – Cro-key like bouquet

It is a bread crumbed fried food roll with mashed potatoes or chicken or fish, cheese, vegetables soaked in white bread, egg, onion, spices and many such combinations. Directly CUTLET YA CHOP BOLO na!

4. Virgin Mojito

http://www.wikihow.com/images/e/e0/Make-a-Virgin-Mojito-Step-10-Version-3.jpgSource: wikihow

Pronounced – Virgin Mo-hi-to

Nimbu Paani with Soda! Simple! In India they serve it with the Pudina essence and decorate it with Pudina leaves and one lemon slice! Standard!

5. Panna Cotta and Biscotti

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-28quo5rSeZ4/U2D8f3zwm7I/AAAAAAAAFPc/TG-Vff2RCEo/s1600/panna+cotta+al+caffe%CC%80blog.jpgSource: profumodibiscotti

Now Maya Sarabhai will get a heart attack if she reads this but the recipes that I read and the one I had at Delhi, panna Cotta is very sweet Shrikhand like something and Biscotti mane biscuit! Cookie! Pretty much a sweeter version of Nankhatai!

6. Falafel

http://lunchbusiness.co.uk/sites/default/files/images/opening/the_original.jpgSource: recipeshubs

Since the time Ross mentioned a Falafel in the season two I have wanted to have one. But the reality… Egg rolls? Chicken rolls? Every kind of Kathi roll? Well Falafels are just that. Rolls with a cutlet filling inside and you can choose the ingredients as per the choices on the menu.

7. Shawarma

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-z3S2lNGLp20/UicBzJP63bI/AAAAAAAABac/b3Svc78ZWQk/s1600/nigerian+shawarma.jpgSource: Negerianfoodtv

Shawarma falafel bhai bhai! Except that their origins are different. The prepartions are pretty similar and here in our cities they served it rolled in rotis with amazing fillings!

8. Schnitzel


Don’t get food by names. Don’t worry! Schnitzels are simply kebabs! Hara bhara kebab, Shahi Panner Kebab, Chicken/ Mutton Kebab will all fall under this category.

9. Baked Beans and Bread

Source: inpursuitofmore

Source: youtube

So much for the intriguing English Breakfast. Misal Paav happens to be the desi version of this angrezi dish Baked Beans and Bread.

10. Souffles, Waffles and Pancakes

https://s3-media4.fl.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/gnsg8TlpduXJx7pH_mSG2w/o.jpgSource: yelp

Foreignwala dessert! We are past the usual pastries and ice-creams and now we go for waffle dates. Well it’s just wafer biscuits with ice-creams and sauces to go on the side. Pancakes are something new and you should try and see for yourself.

So next time you pick up the menu with all the food jargon I am sure this wacky food guide will help! Happy eating!

Title image: Schoutenhouse

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