This Is What Will Happen If Yash Chopra Sits Down To Make The Doodle Games For Google

Dedicated to all the films directed by Yash Chopra!

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We’re sure that by now you would’ve definitely tried playing today’s doodle-game at least once. To celebrate Google’s 19th birthday, the tech giant came up with brilliant yet easy-to-play games that are bound to hook you up. Amongst the pool of vivid colours splashed by Google we also realized that it is Bollywood’s iconic director- Yash Chopra’s birthday too.

Love and romance being Yash Chopra’s forte we imagined what would’ve happened if he sits down to make doodle-game around his own film’s storyline.

1. Veer Zaara

Source: youtube 

A romantic story weaved around a Pakistani girl and an Indian guy. The game would have had a setup of a maze where on one end Zara would’ve been seen standing and waiting for her lover- Veer to cross the maze and get her.

2. Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Source: youtube

Sticking to the main profession of SRK in the film and forgetting the rest part of the story; the game would consist of bombs scattered all over the screen and the player’s main task will be to diffuse the bomb.

3. Silsila

Source: youtube

Based on the most popular love triangle story ever, the game would have Amitabh in the lead who will have to be seen toggling between his two lady loves. While the lead will be busy handling the demands set by his girlfriends if he fails to strike the balance between them the player will lose the game.

4. Dil Toh Paagal Hai

Source: youtube 

A saga of love, dance and heartbreak. The game would challenge the player to replicate the dance moves performed by their set characters.

5. Deewar

Source: youtube

As the story goes by, the chase of the thief and the cop will also be seen portrayed in the game. The endless chase of the police behind the thief with a lot many hindrances will add up the difficulty levels.

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