'Yandy' Releases Harry Potter Themed Lingerie And It's Sexy AF!

Talk about fiction gone sexy-fashion.

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The temperatures of Potterheads out there are about to soar with the launch of this newly launched merch!

An online lingerie brand ‘Yandy’ showcased its new line of lingerie based on the magic-themed fiction ‘Harry Potter.’

The underwear line comes right before Halloween and has spiked up the interest of those who are looking forward to dress up as adult witches.

A silver crop top has a house-specific suspender and a matching tie which hangs from the collar. The outfit attaches to a high-waist, crimson panties.

All we wish for is a Potter-inspired feather boa to go along with it now!

Here's a sneak peak into the collection-

Interesting, right?

Information source: nydaily

Title image source: aliexpress

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