This Yacht Passed Through The Volcano But They Didn’t Realize Until They Saw This!

An island formation from pumice is enchanting the crew members of Maiken.

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Back in the year 2006, the crew of members of Maiken- The Yacht were sailing through south Pacific near the Vava'u Islands in Tonga. The yacht was heading towards Fiji and after crossing just 5 miles from their island they witnessed the most astounding and unusual miracle of nature. 

The yacht passengers saw the sand floating on the water!

It appeared to be like a beach but it wasn't really a beach!

A sandy trail was left behind!

A billow was spotted in the form of ash and steam!

They were still figuring out the picturesque and...

Boom! Black ash was seen arising

A new Island was formed

Never in their dreams, they would've thought that will see an island taking birth from pumice- small rocks that originates after lava gets cool down.

Information source: snopes

Image source for all images: snopes

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