WTF! A Wedding In UP Was Called Off Because Of Rasgullas

It happened in Kurmapur village in Unnao district, about 70 km from Lucknow.

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There are many reasons a wedding can get canceled. We often hear many bizarre reasons, like the groom’s family demanding better lighting at the wedding and the bride walking out of her wedding because the groom couldn't add 15 to six.

But this one is by far the strangest and the most peculiar reason. This wedding in Uttar Pradesh was called off because of Rasgullas. Yeah! Food! That’s what people fight for.

It happened in Kurmapur village in Unnao district, about 70 km from Lucknow.

Since the barat had reached a little late, the groom's father requested for dinner as soon as the dwaarchaar (ceremony at bride's door) began. All was going well when an argument took place between the groom's cousin and a close relative of the bride. Reportedly, there was only one rasgulla for each barati, but this cousin served himself two.

Soon the argument was turned into a fight, and the groom's relatives started beating the bride's father. Things got so dirty that the pandal crashed down.

Later the police had to intervene. However, the bride witnessed the whole incident and called off the wedding.

Well, thank God! At least the bride had some brains to act like a grown-up!

Title image:  timesofindia

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