World’s First Rotating Skyscraper: This Dubai Based Hotel Will Allow Guests To Spin Their Rooms 360 Degrees

“How many stars? This 'hotel' will be beyond stars,” reads the Dynamic Architecture's website.

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The world’s first rotating skyscraper which has been planned since 2008, is set to be built in Dubai by 2020.

Proposed by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher, the Dynamic Tower Hotel will be able to rotate 360 degrees which will indeed change the view of the residents inside endlessly.

Standing at over 1375 feet tall, with each of its 80 storeys capable of rotating individually around a concrete core, the hotel will offer the residents a full 360-degree view of the city.

“This dynamic experience will offer exclusive services, luxurious accommodation, and facilities for the traveler with the most cutting-edge technologies, whether for business or leisure,” reads a post on the Dynamic Architecture’s website.

Source: whatson

According to Mashable, some units of the hotel will be turned into apartments, with each apartment costing $30 million. Moreover, residents will be able to control the rotation speeds and even stop their apartments from spinning.

The Dynamic Tower Hotel is expected to be completely self-powered, featuring as many as 79 horizontally lying wind turbines between floors, as well as roof-mounted solar panels.

“Indeed, it will no longer be a 'hotel' but a new product in line with today's life,” the group’s site adds. “How many stars? This 'hotel' will be beyond stars.”

Source: ibtimes

Each of the towers has swimming pools, gardens and even lifts for cars, which means people can park outside their flats.

The fully rotating skyscraper is expected to cost over 355 million pounds (approximately Rs.3000 crore).

David Fisher's Rotating Tower project is not only innovative in design and architecture, but it also recognizes environmental care and industrial production process as key points in the city of the future.

Meanwhile, Fisher has also planned to build some similar type of buildings in New york, London, Rome, Moscow, Paris, Milan, and Miami.

Just take a quick glance at the 'Dynamic' Hotel:

Title image: skyscrapercityalchetron (rendered image)

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