On The World Vegan Day, Here’s All You Should Be Knowing About A Vegan & Their Food Choices

A healthy choice yet a difficult one!

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Being a vegan and opting for veganism is a thing of yesteryear now! But we would enlighten you little for those who aren’t aware of the concept called- Vegan.

In simple words, vegans are those who are strict vegetarians and don’t consume food products that are in a way obtained from animals. Products such as meat, eggs and dairy product being the highlighted ones.A vegan also stays away from gelatin, lanolin, wool, fur, silk, suede, and leather.

Vegans are sensitive towards animals and hence why they ban a plethora of animal-originated-products.

Source: eatplantsnotanimals

While being a vegan is a difficult choice, you cannot let your body deprive of the essential nutrients. So for those who are vegans or are thinking to be one, here’s the list of food items you should inculcate in your diet for a healthy living.

Increase the intake of protein:

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While meat, eggs and milk products are high on protein, there still exists a choice in veg to go for. Lentils, almonds and certain vegetables can be thought of as a perfect substitute for your protein intake.

If not paneer, then tofu:

Source: organicfacts

If looked closely you can find many alternatives to replace your non-vegan food to vegan. A regular milk can be swapped with soy milk or almond milk whereas paneer can be swapped with tofu and meat can anytime be replaced with soya chunks and nuggets.

Opt for healthy snacking:

Source: christopherfountain

You are already deprived of vital nutrients, then a binge on chips and processed food is not doing any good to your body. Always carry healthy snacks with you or fruits are always there to your rescue.

Sufficient water is the need:

Source: waterstories

We all are always hammered to drink more water since childhood, there is a no different rule set for vegans. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated at least two litres of water every day.

Information source: timesnownews

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