Worst Serial Killers And Psychopaths That Made The World Shudder With Fear

Killers and their weird lust for violence and murder have been a theme for many successful Blockbuster films like 'The American Psycho’ and 'Hannibal Trilogies'

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Killers and their weird lust for violence and murder have been a theme for many successful Blockbuster films like “The American Psycho’’ and “Hannibal Trilogies”. Those creations are mere stories and they hold no physical presence or record. Well, It is time for us to unveil the curtain and introduce you the real life serial killers with an Insane kill count that existed in between 1900-present.

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Serial killing stories seem pretty enjoyable on the silver screen but the reality is too graphic and disturbing.

1. Gary Ridgway “The Green River Killer” (1982-2001)

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Ridgway’s killing spree lasted 29 long years. He served in the army and he is a certified war veteran. However, that played no role in his personality modification. At the of 16, he stabbed a 6-year-old kid just so he could feel the thrill of killing someone. Gary’s first victim survived but his lust for blood grew with age. He began his series of killing with one ‘’Wendy Lee Coffield” in 1982. He started targeting young teenage women and prostitutes of Washington DC. He would murder and dump their bodies in areas surrounding the green river, which earned him the name of the infamous ‘Green River Killer’. He would often return to the location of dumping,so he can rape the bodies. Police soon caught up with him and linked about 49 murders to him. He was convicted of multiple homicides but no one really knows how many people he really killed not even Gary does.

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2.  Anatoly Onoprienko, “The Beast Of Ukraine” (1989-1996)

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Anatoly was known as the beast of Ukraine for all the right reasons. He would kill an entire family and often burn the house down. His murder spree began with an armed robbery turning into serial killing due to intervention, of the homeowners. He would murder the adults first and then take on children. Anatoly was 37 when got caught. He was living at his relative’s place and that’s where his stash of 122 weapons was discovered. Anatoly was convicted of 52 confirmed kills and was sentenced to serve a life term in prison. He died in 2013.

3. Abul Djabar 1970

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Abul was not just a serial killer but he can also be given the tag of a mass murderer. Abul’s method of killing involved violating the bodies of the victim first while strangling them to their deaths. If believed in the tales, Abul is responsible for taking the lives of over 300 people. Abul was arrested and hanged till death in 1970. Two innocent men were hanged in place of Abul before his capture. Abul was convicted for murders of 65 victims.

4. Yang Xinhai

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The monster of china who killed people without any motive. Yang never cared for society and similarly, he never cared about whom he killed either. He would break into a house with the sole intention of killing everyone inside. He turned everyday material like the shovel, axes, hammers into murder weapons. Yang was taken into police detention during a routine inspection of a venue. It was in detention that his crimes came to light. Yang was executed on Feb 14, 2004, with confirmed on record kill count of 67.

5. Pedro Rodriguez Filho, “The Killer PD” (1967 to 2003)

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At the age of mere 13, Pedro tried to shove his own cousin into sugarcane presser. Pedro's first kill came at the age of 14, where he killed his father's boss who fired him on the grounds of theft. After that, he went on to kill the man he suspected of theft. In 1973, Pedro got caught and was sent to prison. It was at this place, where Pedro executed most of the killings, which saw his term  increase from 128 years to 400 years. He even killed his own father while in prison who murdered his mother with a machete. Pedro’s recorded kill count stands at 71 and he was released after serving 34 years in prison.

6. Pedro Lopez, “Monster of the Andes” (1969-1980)

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His whole life is filled with sexual abuse and trauma. At a very young age, he lost his father. His mother was a prostitute. Allegedly raped and sodomized by his teacher and caretaker, Pedro  never found peace in his childhood, which contributed in the making of a monster. He was arrested when attempting to steal a vehicle. In prison, he became the target of rape of gang members. He then hunted and murdered each of his rapists. Pedro’s release from prison saw him going on a raping spree, where he targeted young girls and then strangled them to their deaths. He saw another prison term coming his way for his crimes but was released in 1988. Pedro’s recorded kill count is 110, while rumors and speculation take it over 300. Pedro lives as a free man at present, who is still out there living out his remaining days

7. Luis Garavito, ‘World’s worst serial killer’ (1990)

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The method of killings truly english. This sadistic serial killer is responsible for the murder of over 138 young boys tortured and raped to death. He was framed as ‘Labastie’ translating to ‘The Beast’ which depicts the mental condition of this serial murderer. He would lure young kids of the city with gifts or money and take them out on a long hike which would tire them out impacting their ability to fight back. He would then slit their throats and rape them. Pedro was sentenced to serve 22 years in prison. Ever since his release, he has sought a career in politics with claims to fight against growing molestation of young boys. 

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