World’s Largest Gummy Pizza Is Driving Everyone Crazy

Now that’s pretty gigantic.

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We all love pizza, don’t we? Be it the crust, the melting mozzarella or the veggies topped over it. Every element makes us fall for it even more. And this time, our love for pizza has grown exponentially, like literally.

Introducing, the world’s largest pizza!

It is said that the diameter of this pizza is 6 feet. But hold on. This isn’t your regular pizza, it’s pizza with gummies.

The pizza has the following ingredients as the toppings:

Crust- orange
Cheese- berry blast
All the way to the toppings of pepperoni- Cherry
Green peppers- apple
Yellow peppers- lemon

The pizza was created by Vat19 and the mould of making this gigantic pizza was specially handcrafted, and so was the box. It took 12 hours to set!

Derek - The Gummy Bear Guy along with Jamie crafted the mould of one slice. Once the mould was done, the fillings of different colours and flavours of gelatin were poured in.

"Oh snap," said Jamie, upon seeing the final product. Jaime then invited all of his friends to binge on the pizza

Each slice weighs 28 pounds and the entire pizza weighs for 250 pounds. The orange candy- the crust itself weighs for 15 pounds. Vat19 has been selling slices of this pizza for $149.99 per slice. And guess what? It is now sold out.

Information source: vat19, mashable

All images sourced from youtube

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